Hi again

Recently I’ve had a few new enquiries asking why do I only provide outcalls, can I not be persuaded to accept some incalls. One person even asked me to explain exactly why do I not see anyone incall. The answer is that for me, outcalls are the best way for me to accept bookings and offer my services.

It’s as simple as that.

For many years I did offer incalls alongside outcalls and I would say that I have based my decision on sound judgement, and what works for me and my lifestyle.

My website and other adverts makes it clear what is on offer, and integrity is something very important to me. I have no idea why someone who hasn’t even met me would whinge, moan or push me in any other way. It’s not going to make me feel I could be comfortable making arrangements to be in a confined space naked with them. I’m also not sure why they don’t look for someone who can meet them in the way that they require.

On the other hand however each week I receive enquiries from prospective (and current) clients who understand how I operate, they are looking for the type of service and bookings I offer, so they send me a polite email and off we go making arrangements for a booking.

We meet, have a great time, both go away with smiles on each other’s faces. Everyone happy and that’s how I like it.

Best wishes
Ruth x