Opening up

As the world opens up, or at least the UK my schedule may also change. Don’t worry anyone who has a booking with me still has that booking, it is my pattern of webcam and phone chat availability will be affected. I am also having a full 24 hours off starting from late afternoon today, the first since sometime in early April. Going foward I can however still be fairly flexible by request for private bookings provided I don’t already have an Escort booking, so this is mostly going to only affect time sat in Vivastreet and cam rooms. It may also affect my ability to accept short notice webcam or chat bookings. As always the more notice given the better however even at short notice please do ask, as I often say “If you are straight with me, I will be straight with you”. I also have a lot of time and go to a lot of effort for many who book me offering appointments at a variety of times.

Since my last blog I have had my hair cut not much different to my own cut, but shorter and more confident with the scissors, my nails done definitely much better than my own efforts at home. I also shall be able to transfer my fitness training to purposely designed facilities again, and making a visit to a only partial capacity cinema to watch a classic film.

All of this is approached with a mixture of trepidation, and excitement. I don’t however have any desires to venture into a pub or restaurant quite yet. Those I can easily live without.

In the meantime I am really enjoying spreading Escort bookings out onto alternate days, so far this is really suiting me and self-limits incalls reducing the need to turn away or explain.

Also I am experiencing a lot of patience from clients who have waited, and booked in advance – a lot of respect which is greatly appreciated. I hope the benefit for the future is a greater acknowledgement of each other.

All the best for now
Ruth x