New Year

The festive season is in full swing now, and I’m about to have friends arrive for the New Year. As a result I shan’t be available from 8pm this evening, until 9am January 4th. During this time I may not be able to accept phone calls, nor be able to answer emails and text messages. I will however catch up with all correspondence onTuesday 3rd, when I’ll also be accepting bookings for the 4th also.

New Year, new things and I have news on a small change afoot. From 1st January I shall be increasing my rates slightly, do not panic though as these will only apply to bookings made at short notice. My old rates will still however apply to those who book at least 24 hours in advance, and follow my simple confirmation procedures.

Why am I doing this?Well I actually prefer to see less, rather than more clients, plus I find appointments planned in advance are usually much more relaxed especially when having to travel around this part of the country.

If all goes well I may in fact adjust my fees for advance bookings even further to encourage this form of booking.

In the meantime I’ve had a very relaxing Christmas, and lots of positive comments about the new website. I am very pleased with the reactions so far, and glad I made a move from the old one.

Take Care and have a Happy New Year

See you in 2012,

Ruth x