New photos

The long promised photos are here, and I’ve removed the last sets to start afresh. Over the next 5 days I have a limited time available for escort bookings, but I shall be available at the following times this weekend.

Saturday 11am-10pm
Sunday 3pm-10pm

Please note advance booking is required to secure appointments for Saturday afternoon – and I won’t be able to accept any phone calls on Friday or Monday. Having read my details here you are more than welcome to make a booking via email or text message, so long as the message contains all the basic details. I’ll then request a phone call between 8am & 9am on the day to confirm and for directions etc.

Back to the fun bit, since my photoshoot I’ve been trying to learn how to curl my hair with a variety of heated appliances, and so far getting mixed results but it has been noticed and I seem to be getting more skilled with time. The curls don’t seem to last longer than an hour or so so not sure what I’m doing wrong. Perhaps I’ll stick with it a bit longer, or maybe I’ll just give up and go back to my natural tresses!

Ruth x