New photos for Spring

If you are reading this you’ll probably have already noticed I’ve posted some great new photos on my gallery page. If not then I do recommend you do take a look. As many of you know I’ve been really working on getting myself into shape over the last 12 months. I’m fed up of yo-yoing and love being fit, result has been I’ve become quite commited and the results are now really paying off.

I’d also like to announce that I’m taking the best part of 4 days off over the Easter Bank Holiday, and will not be available from 3pm Friday 6th right through until 3pm Monday 9th. During this time I won’t be accepting phone calls unless prearranged, I’ll be available as usual every other day outside of these dates and if you have a burning desire to arrange a booking for after the weekend feel free to email or send me a text – I’ll reply when convenient.

Funnily enough when I popped the little notice on my services page explaining this break I was then contacted by several people wishing me a nice trip away. Just because I take a few days off, or even a whole week sometimes doesn’t mean I’m jetting off, or have a ‘holiday’ booked. Sometimes like a lot of people I know in more conventional roles, I ‘book’ some time off just to concentrate on different areas of my life. Time to spend with friends and family, time to give some attention to hobbies and interests, time to give my place a good spring clean. That sort of thing, and it’s that sort of break I’m having this weekend. Nothing exotic but I’ll stil enjoy the time just as much as if I was away in some far flung place (in fact probably more so!).

So if you’d like to make a booking this week before the weekend, or indeed for next week just drop me a line.

Ruth x