New clients

In the last 12 months there has been a big change in my Escorting, I moved location slightly and only offer outcall bookings. Because of high incidence of unreliability in new clients I started requiring a deposit for a first appointment. In this time I’ve met some great new clients, and also continued to see quite a few regular clients who I’ve gotten to know over a number of years. On the whole this has worked out really well fitting in, and around other things I do in my life.

I continue to Escort because I find it exciting, and get a thrill from being able to look gorgeous and make someone’s day.

Unfortunately there have been some problems. Although I lay out my booking requirements on this website, and always explain what I need when I receive booking enquiries, I have found myself having to chase and ask quite a few times for really basic information. This is usually carried out by email or text message which can take some time. My other occupation and training isn’t compatible with constantly checking my phone. I also prefer to go about my day knowing that everything has been arranged, and is in place so I can concentrate on getting ready and arriving feeling relaxed. Spending hours exchanging messages isn’t how I wish to spend my day. I also often drive or cycle to the places I need to be, and whilst I’m doing this I cannot reply in the typed word. I can however often accept phone calls via my handsfree kit.

In short following up and arranging Escort bookings with most, but not all new clients are starting to spoil the fun. For this reason I need to take a step back. For now I’m going to focus on clients I’ve built up a regular pattern with. If you are a new client who has read this website, understand my requirements and can provide information easily, then I’ll be more than happy to see you. If you have seen me in the past and get in touch on a new number, new email, new name you must provide me with your previous contact details – telling me you are John and describing past fixtures and fittings just isn’t enough. I need to know you are reliable and that we had a good relationships in the past.

I also wish to acknowledge the new clients who have been absolutely great, have understood and sent me everything I needed to enable us to have a successful booking.

Thank you also to everyone reading this for bearing with me whilst I explain my current situation.

All the best