I’ve a lot of time and patience for nerves, I also believe some apprehension serves a useful protective function. Sometimes however you might feel everyone knows what you are doing, and you might try to take steps to cover it up. Please be reassured the best way to get yourself noticed is to go over the top with an elaborate cover story, supported by carrying large bags, boxes, dressing for a formal function, hiding behind corners for fear of the person putting their bin out.

My advice when we meet is ‘act normal’ like two acquaintances saying hello, one friend visiting another or on any other business we wish to engage in. Neither of us has a big sign over a heads saying ‘This is an Escort booking’, and I meet people of all ages and backgrounds right across my life, which can include asking for their professional skills. Lurking in the shadows, pulling down a hat and collar right up is not something which my friends and colleagues do when meeting, I also don’t usually need a cover box or bag (although my little coolbag food bag goes everywhere with me) – perhaps it is however the norm for you? 😉