Missing in action, of course not!

January has flown by I am very good at filling my time, and find motivation from colleagues – colleagues definined as others involved in the same interests, work or hobbies. The end of December through to early January is also a collective celebratory period for me, and of course the end of January deadline.

I have also been topping up my knowledge in other areas of my life, via at least 3 no 4, no 5 educational type events.

In the last few week motivation came along from another online colleague, suddenly I am off again taking a leap learning how to use a new system, develop and improve my online activities via Streamate. Streamate was recommended to me when I first started using webcam, however I stumbled a little when photos required to set up the account were rejected. I already had Adultwork and Vivastreet systems in place, so focused on those. Recently however there have been a few glitches and I felt I could be doing a little better. Once again steep learning curve which has used the skills and experience already gained, as well as provide much more enjoyment. More toys have been ordered to spice up the experience, which is providing me with some amusement and fascination. I have also invested in a wireless keyboard, to roam around so I do not have to lean foward when typing for those who are unable to turn on their sound.

So far feedback has been very good, it would appear my northern English tones are quite popular, as is my smile and bouncy hair. That’s before getting to other delights.

Speaking of hair I have been giving my hair a little snip, my last trim was mid-December so time the ends were tidied. I have also put my CND nail kit into action, applying my third ever set of Shellac nails. Both hair and nails are services I prefer to leave to professionals, but for now I will have to do my own which requires attention, focus and patience.

I still hope to attend my educational event in London in March, everything is booked apart from train tickets. The time table past 6th March is subject to change, so I am going to have to wait a little longer rather than risk calls to change. A photoshoot is also booked for mid-March closer to home, fingers crossed this can go ahead. In the meantime I continue to add to galleries both here and on Adultwork from my own camera.

Ruth x