Spring is coming, nights and mornings are much lighter which I really do prefer to the darkness of winter. I’ve been on a couple of trips since my last blog, most recent was a night out in Manchester. This involved a trip to the Lowry, staying at the Lowry Hotel, then returning to the Lowry the following morning to check out other points of interest in the area. I really enjoyed the show, even if I discovered my satin corset wasn’t the best thing to sit in for 3 hours, especially not when my satin skirt meant I kept slipping into the seat, making it difficult to sit upright. The corset did look great though, I’ve not worn that particular one for many years. It’s a very special one and I’d not been able to fit into it until recently. The War museum just across the water from the theatre was very interesting indeed. I’d expected a rather sombre place, yet it was very interactive and informative with lots to keep you interested.

I’ve been exploring Twitter and the internet a little more recently, and discovered the Capital Punter Blog. This blog is an account by a guy based in London who writes articles on his various experiences visiting ladies in the Escort world. There are numerous blogs by Escorts out there, but this one obviously gives a view from the male side of things. I’ve added it to the ‘Sites I read’ section to the right of this post if you are interested in have a nosy yourself.