Thank you Londinium

Just back from a really successful trip to London, so successful I am definitely encouraged to return again. The trip down went smoothly, thank you Northern Rail for redeeming yourself. I managed to negotiate the Tube with more luggage than myself, thank you to the kind gentleman who helped me on and off the train. I fitted in my training a bit of sightseeing in the local area, kept my diet monitored thank you Sainsbury’s and M&S Food. Got to my event on time and enjoyed a great reception from the bookings I had accepted. On the last day I fitted in a final training session, bought a card from a little shop on the way to the gym and enjoyed making it home earlier than expected despite the threat of storm Freya I did have a few issues with the shower in my room, which I quickly rectified but otherwise all went incredibly well.

Prior to my trips away I had a very busy February, including another couple of photo shoots which I’ll feed into my galleries over the coming months ahead.

The strictest period of the year for one of my hobbies starts very soon, so barring accidents I don’t have any trips away planned for the spring. I will however be in the Manchester area for one day at the end of March, this enables me to offer bookings around Manchester at my usual rates, rather than the extra fee I usually have to add on for travel time. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Today is a rainy day so I’ve some admin planned, then possibly a trip out to see someone special.

That’s all for now