Like buses, they all come at once

After almost a year without an overnight, suddenly 3 come along within 3 months. Each one has been quite different, and each one has been very much appreciated and enjoyed.

The first was a meal, concert and overnight stay in a city, morning back by train. Second was a snatched overnight locally, lift to and from. Third involved a very long drive across at least 5, if not 6 counties for cuddles on the sofa, a delicious home-cooked meal, late start in the morning with a long drive back through the counties again.

When I receive an enquiry for an overnight booking I do like to have a rough outline, then I can plan what I’m going to wear, my travel, and also fit in my other activities. I may also pop a few things into my bag to make our room cosy. With plenty of notice I can be fairly flexible, some locations may attract a slightly higher fee, some a lower fee dependent upon the timetable.

Historically I used to cut out overnights during heavy training periods, I’m not going to do that this year. Instead I’ll leave it open because I know that some overnights are quite possible at all times of year, it all depends on the exact details, so the more information you can provide on enquiry, the easier it is for me to give you an answer. Do be warned that fine wines, chocolate, meals out and breakfast aren’t part of my criteria whereas ease of travel, and the presence of a well-equipped gym is often much more persuasive.

Best regards