Late summer turning

We are at the time of year when summer is turning to autumn, this is a period I enjoy seeing the leaves changing colour often accompanied by a last warm spell before the sharp mornings of September and October.

There are also changes afoot in various parts of my life. The first is that I’ve decided to change the style of photos which I use. For the last few years I have gained a lot of confidence from high end, style boudoir photography shoots. This experience has helped me develop my own personal style, learning the sort of clothes, lingerie, make-up and jewelry which bring out the best in me. I had however started to feel that the photography style was creating too much of a fantasy image. In the last year I have been experimenting with fresher, more natural style of photography which I feel makes the most use of my personality, style and approach to bookings. I bring the excitement and fantasy of a liaison with a beautiful woman, along with a genuiness and honesty which provides an insight into my personality. Some of the new photos can be found towards the bottom of the ‘Photos’ page of this website, as well as a few on my profile , and I will continue to add more whenever I can.

On the topic of passion I am currently in a very tough period of training, which requires adherence to a very strict, very plain diet. Recently someone made contact with the really generous offer of enjoying a meal as part of our booking. I understand that offering to spend part of a booking eating delicious meal is a really kind, thoughtful gesture however right now it would only be akin to absolute torture which I’m certain is not the intention. I also need to explain that the often well meaning gifts of chocolate, cheese, sugary or juice drinks (even health brands), are not the treat they may be ordinarily thought of. Redbush tea, ground coffee, sparkling water, scented candles are however current guilt-free treats which are guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

Meals and gift offers are however not an expectation, nor do they dictate how I will feel about a client. I equally as happy (infact right now more than happy) to accept a good-old-plain and simple, turn up, have a good time, thank you very much booking. It’s always a pleasure to be contacted by someone who has read the information on my website, is straightforward and easy to communicate with. One of the things I really like about being an Escort is being able to provide pleasure on a no-strings, relaxed no pressure, no-expectation basis which makes it one of the things I’m very passionate about.

Warm regards
Ruth x