Last week in March

Just a quick post, which I may expand on later.

I already had a few days booked off towards the end of March for a variety of reasons, and a cancellation has sealed it. I shall be taking 10 days off from 23rd March to 1st April inclusive. This leave is not to go away on holiday, it is not due to illness, it is due to study requirements and a couple of other commitments I have been planning for a while. There may also be future disruption to my Escort timetable due to some work I need to do on my incall place, but I do aim to be available during the first week of April, and over the Easter Bank Holiday, so get emailing if you’d like to book some time around those dates.

I have just updated my ‘About Me’ page to include the fact that I am a big chubbier than my most recent (3rd February) photos. I’ve lost the plot with my diet, which is quite disappointing. It seems I get so close to the elusive six-pack, then just can’t push through to it. As some of you know I train for fitness competitions and I am therefore having to reassess things on that front. I am still training, whilst I am not very good on the eating front, I am doing very well in the gym and I do get a lot from that.

Ruth x