Grrrr, nasty cold

I hate having colds, they are so boring and insignificant yet can render me completely useless for kissing and general pampering. This week I carried on as usual thinking the sore throat would pass like the slight one I had a few weeks back, got the high dose vit C in, finally took some aspirin today(I dislike taking painkillers) and gave in to it.

My policy re colds is this;

You can catch a cold anywhere, having tried various things over the years I’ve learned you can avoid all and sundry and still catch it, snog the face of someone who’s streaming and never have so much as a sniffle for months. If I have a sore throat or cold I’ll advise this when you confirm your booking with me because I feel it’s a personal choice to then go ahead or not, so long as I feel ok I’m happy to go ahead and have had many happy meets with a mild cold present either in me or a client after which the other party has reported no ill effects at all. I’ve also been at close quarters with clients who have colds and been absolutely fine. I can’t remember coming into contact with anyone who had a cold recently, or should I say anyone who would admit to it but it’s definite I’ve picked up the latest cold virus from somewhere.

Sorry Mr Wednesday we have to postpone until next week, but I’m hoping this is going to pass in the next 12-24 hours, I’m a fighter rather than molly coddler.

I have 3 days planned off this weekend to attend to a few personal things so it’s threatening to write the entire week off, might not be a bad thing and I have a special offer available for incalls appointments on Monday 5th, yes that’s bonfire night and if you’d like to see me during the day I am knocking £20 off my 1 hour fee, £30 on 90 minutes and 2 hour appointments. This discount is applicable only to appointments made in advance for anytime between 9am-3.30pm, confirmed on the day by telephone between 8am&9am(my usual confirmation time). If you’d like to take advantage of this you need to make sure I receive your booking by 12noon Friday, since after this time I’m turning my phone off for the weekend and don’t intend logging into my email until Monday. Any bookings agreed on the day will be at my usual rates.

I’m going to take this opportunity to mention my availability over various weekends in November. Firstly weekend 10th & 11th I’ll only be available on the Saturday up until 3pm, and not at all Sunday 11th. I shall be available weekends 17th/18th and 24th/25th but then taking Friday 30th, Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December as time off. I know a lot of my clients like to plan in advance so hopefully this will be of some help for you.

For now it’s another cup of either herbal tea or coffee from the pot, and curling up with a book infront of the fire for the afternoon.

Ruth x