Freezing February

Blooming heck, it really was nippy this morning. It was so cold I kept my over-trousers on throughout my gym workout, but by the end was warm enough to brave the walk back no problem. I think we’ve forgotten all about how bad it was last winter, since we’ve been enjoying some extremely mild weather throughout December and most of January. Time for the woolies to come out now, although most shops are now full of spring stock.

This week I had to take a day or two off unexpectedly, and so sorry to those I could not see and had to cancel. It has to be something pretty serious for me not to make it, and I usually do try and let people know as soon as I do – which is why having phone contact on the day is most important.

Since Christmas with the prospect of La Senza ceasing to trade, I have invested in quite a few items from their website so have lots of new lingerie to try out and wear. I do often get asked by new clients “Would you please wear something nice for me”, and this makes me chuckle to myself. I don’t think I have anything which isn’t ‘nice’, and always make an effort to wear stockings, suspenders and either one of my many babydolls, or at least matching bra and knickers. So do not fear, there’s always something nice on underneath. There are one or two who I know actually don’t like suspenders, so I can wear hold-ups or even go for bare legs in that case!

With spring on it’s way I am rather excited because I haven’t succumbed to my usual wintery weight gain, and will be approaching summer looking very fit indeedy. Turning 37 has brought with it the usual doubts about what is suitable wear for a lady in her late 30s, I still have the same hotpants and short skirts I wore when last this fit 5 years ago. I remember when I was 21 I said that when I reached 30 I’d have to stop wearing skirts above the knee line, well 30 came and went, then it was 35. How long can I push it,who knows, but as long as I’m fit I’ll have fun!

Ruth x