Forward, backwards, sideways

All directions from one centre describes this past month, even the past year very well. So there I was with Sweet Ruth then thanks to a pandemic I turned to the online services world, in the meantime my fetish and kink side started to emerge.

This week I have received delivery of a few items more items to add to my latex wardrobe, having realised an item bought towards the end of last year requires repair after only one wear I decided I needed a few more options to keep me covered for fetish requests. The manufacturer of the item which has let me down assures me they can fix this very quickly on return, having written the required covering letter a piece of latex will shortly be winging it’s way to the capital.

The fetish leather, kink and latex themed photoshoot booked for mid-March has now been postponed by a month to mid-April, in the meantime if I can I will try to grab some shots myself around webcam bookings.

Speaking of London my planned visit end of March has been validated for travel and attendance. For the first time in over a year I will board a train and head out of the North West. I am reassured the venue has strict procedures in place, and by then I may have received something which will provide myself with protection.

Seems I need to book some train tickets!