Flipping the switch

Something someone pointed out a few days ago has me very intrigued, I was told I am a switch – something I had never considered before.

As you will notice from this website I have for many years offered what I call a GFE (girlfriend experience), I use this to differentiate from a porn-star style expectation. This does not mean I do not have very hot, steamy sessions, however it does mean I am able to offer talk, kissing, cuddling on the sofa as well as a 2-way experience. Almost always I find something to talk about, some common ground.

For quite a few years however with encouragement from a couple of trusted people, I have been coached and coaxed into a variety of fetishes as well as providing CP. Trust, knowledge and understanding I have found to be key, and in the last year or so I have started to offer this to clients who are willing, interested and to some extent experienced or at least have some knowledge of the activities to be engaged in.

In order to carry these out I have to be in more of a directive, dominant role. Whilst I will not yet say I am ‘dom’, I know there has to be a change in me, in my tone, a different role to step into. For this reason I am calling myself a mild switch – this means I can dom, I can also sub but I will not go to the extreme of either. I also do not take either lightly, and I have my own boundaries. The right consideration and encouragement does however go a long way, very much appreciated.

For the next few days I will be researching a new purchase, once again for a client who has decided to go a little bit further. I look forward to introducing something new to us both.