First overnight in a long time

I think my last overnight was at least 12 months ago, and I’ve not had a dinnerdate since either November or December last year. This is mostly due to the level of training and strict diet I’ve put myself through, as well as simply not being asked. So when I received a booking which included dinner, a concert, an overnight stay in a city just about 1 hour from me, I was really excited. This is just what I needed after all my hard work this year, and on top of the get to see a rejigged Beautiful South at the end of their tour.

I’m always anxious before a booking, not least an overnight. I suppose you might call it ‘performance anxiety’, part of me wants to just not go, the other part of me is excited and apprehensive. A relaxed train ride across the bay got me to my destination, and I met him close to our hotel. After a cup of tea (coffee for me), listening to some music I’d brought we headed out to grab a bite to eat. Our meal was chinese which gave me opportunity to show off my limited chop-stick skills. A short walk wrapped up for the cold night got us to the venue which threatened to not let us in. We’d purposely taken our time with the meal, not wanting to sit for the usual half an hour, then support before the main act. Unfortunately due to the cold night the theatre decided to shut it’s doors, a bit of knocking however alerted door staff who let us in. Another black coffee to keep me awake (I have a tendency to fall asleep if I get relaxed, or am in one place for a long time), and The South were on. Their lively numbers did keep my toe tapping, which combined with the coffee kept me awake right until the end. A romantic walk past trees adorned with festive lights, holding hands brought us back to our room for the night. A decaff coffee and bar of Lindt chocolate in bed completed my treat for the night. In the morning a lie in, relaxed breakfast in our room (him disgestive biscuits, me oats and whey protein) and another 2 black coffees (both decaffs) got me on my way to the railway station.

As I often do I went away feeling uplifted and extremely smiley, a lovely night out, good company and I get paid for it! What more can I ask for?

Warm wishes