Feet hardly touching the floor

No not because I’m sat on a high stool, all because I’ve been really busy enjoying life.

Last month I went to see the stage production of Warhorse at The Lowry Salford Quay’s, this has been something I’ve been wanting to see for quite a few years and I was not disappointed. The stage play and special effects really got across the reality of the horrors or war, whilst being an excellent work of art. I particularly liked the way in which the puppets moved the horses ears were fabulous, as was the pecking duck. The following morning I completed the short lap of the Salford Quay outdoor swim session, it’s been a while since I swam any distance at all so I was a little apprehensive. I was only in for 18 minutes which without a wet suit was plenty, really enjoyed the experience of having a measured course without the bumping into people, walls and ropes of an indoor pool. I emerged feeling calm and exhilarated ready for the remainder of the day.

I also visited Manchester in June for a photo shoot some of which I’ve uploaded to my photos page, and as usual will continue adding every so often. This time I didn’t make a video which having seen the stills, I now regret because I think seeing the red dress swish and swirl around would have looked great. This red dress I spied in a charity shop window making up a Royal Wedding themed display, as soon as I saw it the flame red colour caught my eye and I decided to try it on. At first it was a little tight around the top, but the fabric felt and looked gorgeous so I bought it and having dropped a kilo in weight the fit is now absolutely perfect.

I’ve also been out to the cinema as well as a few social events, a couple of which I’ll keep underwraps for discretion and the film I’ll talk about in my next blog.

Bye for now
Ruth x