Fantasy is often a part of a booking be it online, phonechat or in-person. Phonechat and webcam can be an excellent way to safely explore fantasies, engagement being really important so we are both lost in the moment. Fantasies can vary from person to person, when using webcam or phone chat feedback lacks the finer details of body language, facial details, I may not even be able to see you. For this reason communication is really important, more important than ever.

Prior to at least our first online or telephone session I will ask for any fantasies, what would you like to hear and see? This provides me with an overview I then use to provide the best session for you, it also lets me check out a few things or indicate boundaries. Some of the fantasies I provide, or that you require may be very erotic in chat or on cam, but may not be something I provide during an in-person meet. Reading the information on this website should give you an idea of the sort of sex I usually engage – just enough, erotic, sensual, gentle, passionate without being rough. Anything outside of this will be fantasy.

There are also some scenarios I will not provide these being illegal sex or illegal relationships, abuse of animals or other people, simulation of anal sex on myself (I have been asked on cam to ‘shove that up your ass’). I also do not have humongous toys. I will also avoid talk about unprotected intercourse, and will not reveal details of actual bookings. I can discuss a variety of situations, and given enough notice can construct suitable fantasies around your requirements – fantasies in which we will both become so absorbed it feels so real.