Enjoying the process

Life to me is about living and having experiences which can be treasured. Taking up yoga earlier this year has further opened my mind and body quite literally. Already fairly flexible and very strong yoga practice was for me all about relaxation and mindfulness, it also introduced me to the practice of ishnaan cold water hydrotherapy. A bit of reading revealed this isn’t about short-sharp-shock nightmares of cold school showers, it’s about allowing your mind and body to experience the water with care and consideration. The benefits seemed very real so I decided to try it. It went so well that before long I started to think about an outdoor cold dip, so found an instructor to help facilitate this in a safe way. Of course the recent cold snaps rushed in to provide even more of a challenge. On the day of the dip the air temperature was around zero, water not much warmer. Boy was it cold I had to gather all my mental powers to actually go through with it, managing to stay in the water for a whole two minutes. The dip has been a really powerful experience for me in many ways, so many I can’t write about them all here. I have noticed my skin even softer than ever which is likely a result of the oil I massage into my body before getting into the cold water at home.

For you booking an Escort could be similar at first it seems daunting, scary and also very exciting. A bit of reading, research and careful thought starts to provide reassurance. On the day there’s a mixture of nerves and excitement looking forward, wondering what to expect. As the time approaches the adrenaline rushes and is still rushing as you open the door to find…a beautiful, attentive woman ready to envelope you in her arms. The time flies and you go away with a warm glow and smile on your face, will you repeat in future – that is only ever your decision. It may be a once in a lifetime experience, you may find it’s not for you, it may become part of your life something you do repeat perhaps once, perhaps a hundred times. You will take away what you need from each encounter.

On the yoga practice front this week I suddenly became aware that I no longer get that little twinge when in full Cobra, and in another post also do not have the tearing feeling when I have my foot near my shoulder. I’ve also noticed that my hips no longer feel strained when in certain ‘bedroom’ positions. This is great proof of change being possible for anyone at any age, and any ability.