Discretionary discretion

I made a post about this last year, and I’m sorry to have to do so again. I am often asked about discretion and what do I do if I see someone in the street? The answer is that everything which happens within a booking stays confidential, unless you cause me harm or distress which would lead me to seek advice or report to the police. Extreme situations aside if I were to bump into you outside of a booking, I’m most likely to be in my own little World and possibly not even notice, if on the very small chance I did recognise you then I carry on and take my cue from you which may be a smile, nod, wink “Hi” or nothing at all. I carry confidences from several areas of my life, so this is not unusual for me.

Unfortunately this can be quite difficult for other people there have been a couple of instances where someone who had previously told me about the importance of discretion, has on spotting me outside has been extremely indiscreet in one instance shouting at me in a public place another approaching me whilst out with someone close. I also have a great tale from many years ago about a dinner date in a quiet restaurant, during which the person who’d booked me waxed lyrical about his requirement for absolute discretion followed by talking loudly about my website and how he came to choose me. At no time did he consider that person sat quietly at the other table………..or the staff serving us…………

Many clients are afraid other people will guess, you can be assured I will always behave in a carefully considered, professional manner. Also I will do my best to avoid encountering anyone who I feel doesn’t have the same sense of discretion, or who is unable to respect basic boundaries of privacy.