Disability comes in many shapes and forms, some are highly visible, some are not. When arranging and accepting Escort bookings several situations may arise, some clients chose not to tell me and why should they if they do not consider it a problem. Others wish to tentatively test the waters, a carer may make initial contact, accessibility, any special considerations may need to be checked out first of all.

The TLC Trust website specialises in matching disabled sexual service seekers with responsible sexual service providers, as a TLC profile holder I receive a number of enquiries from disabled, their carers and families. Often they are simply looking for an intimate experience, so they too can enjoy the experiences many others may take for granted. They also are seeking discretion, understanding and to be treated like anyone else.

Some difficulties may arise if say specialised lifting equipment, or access to older unadapted properties is required. In these instances it is often easier to arrange to meet at the client’s home, that of a close friend or consenting relative, or one of the many hotels which these days are designed to cater to as many customer needs as possible.

Making contact for anyone who’s senses are impaired can present issues, and or involving a third party such as a carer or relative. Sexual needs for family members and relatives, can be a difficult if not embarassing subject. Many of us do not like to think of our brother, sister, son, daughter in a sexual situation. Even simple things such as how to clean up aferwards can be a source of discomfort.

In accepting a booking on behalf of, or with a disabled person I prefer to stick as closely to my usual booking procedure as possible -whilst allowing for adaptations along the way. I need to have the consent of everyone involved in the booking, wherever possible I like to establish contact as directly as possible, preferably speaking to the person I will be interacting with. Once we have established contact and a communication method, I am open to receiving as much or as little information as is comfortable to provide.

At first I did not see myself as a speciality disability Escort, however much of this is due to my approach I just did not see many disabilities as disabilities. As time has gone on I appreciate a wide range of clients, and have found my experience widening further. Thanks to the TLC I receive enquiries from right across the Northwest of England and even further, where possible I will try to work something out either in conjunction with my own travels or specifically for each individual. As you will see from my guest book someone has felt able to be open about their experience as a disabled client, and I can reassure you there are others in there who haven’t felt the need to declare themselves. All I know is each and very person I see is just amazing.