Christmas is almost here

Hey everyone it’s almost Christmas, this is just to let you know that I shall be available right across the festive period. This includes Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, and 2nd January. If booked in advance there’s even a chance of a booking on Christmas Day evening, as well as New Year’s Day.

I am now also available for bookings which include meals, although as ever I am just as happy spending time with you alone without any food intervention. A lot of you already know I don’t drink alcohol so offering me champagne, wine or anything else of that nature is going to be a bit of a waste of time.

In the New Year I’m looking forward to a very short stay in Manchester, during which I could accept one booking either incall or outcall. I shall also be having some new photographs taken towards the end of January so I can update my galleries. Please note I am still at least one dress size smaller, and even more toned than my photos on here. My figure will soften as I allow my bodyfat to increase slightly, but that process will be slow and controlled. I won’t be suddenly whooshing up into anything different (and that’s why there’s no rush for new photos). I do occasionally pop my own selfies onto my gallery, so please follow the link at the bottom of the photos page to view them.

All the best if I don’t see you soon, and if you do please ask me for your very own melting moment!

Warm kisses
R x

PS Following a recent disappointment and a few previously difficult situations(nothing too serious, simply folk thinking they’ll get away with it!), I’ve decided that Christmas is a good a time as any to remind you of my drugs and alcohol policy. If you are under the influence either when you make contact, or when we meet for our booking I will be unable to proceed, and any monies paid may be forfeit. I wish to feel at ease with you, and don’t want either of us to waste our time.