Busy month

My feet have hardly touched the ground it seems. I’ve been to London twice for 4 days each time, during which I managed to cram in not only attending a very intensive training course, but also 3 bookings and a photo shoot, plus a hotel incall day in the northwest.

The photos are by someone who has a different style to the boudoir photographer I usually use. This was something I’d wanted for a while, firstly to update my pics and secondly show me in a more natural light. I’ve put a few of the new photos towards the bottom on my gallery, they have ‘Oct 2016’ written under them so you know they are the ones. Hope you like them. In December I’ll be visiting Nicola again for another boudoir-style shoot, which should be ready to upload between Christmas and New Year. Between them both photographers capture my down-to-earth nature, to show off my gorgeous soft skin, beautiful smile, and very trim figure. The lingerie in my photos is all mine, and an example of the sort of thing I wear to all my bookings – unless I’m told otherwise.

On the subject of bookings I’d like to make sure that when arranging a first booking, on the day of your advance booking I ask for ‘by’ 9am – which means any time before 9am. A few people have misunderstood and thought I was asking for confirmation ‘at’ 9am, which can cause a problem if something comes up or you forget and only remember half an hour later, or you have a meeting at say 9am. This way you can call any time from the moment I turn my phone on, which is currently from 7am each morning. I hope this explanation helps.

Looking forward I have a few other trips planned, but these will be purely personal time, no time or space for sexy shenanigans.

My availability page is regularly updated with days