Busy January

January has been a busy month for me in all areas of my life. Not only have I gotten to see several new clients, who have all been great, I’ve also had a mixed, varied social life. Over the last month or so I’ve seen 3 films which is unusual for me, I often go up to 12 months without cinema visit. Last week I was privileged enough to be invited to a 50 year tribute to Jack Hylton, which was in the form of a dance orchestra being taken through a selection of his music from an archive of 2000 numbers. I hadn’t previously knowingly heard Jack Hylton’s music, but I am fairly adaptable and when growing up I was for a short time, a student of music albeit at a low level. I am also very open minded with regard to music so found it easy to enjoy the evening.

As a person who often has gone up to several years without a cinema visit, to realise that I’ve seen three films on the projection screen in a 4-6 week period made me smile. Imitation Game was the first in the series, and the biggest thing that struck me in that was the way in which the female Oxford Graduate was treated. To say I was fairly shocked, is an understatement however consulting with friends a little older than myself did confirm this is the sort of thing women faced throughout their lives not that many decades ago. The second film was Unbroken, and despite thinking I was well versed in war and camp survival stories (a specialist interest of mine), I was really struck by the opening battle scenes taking place in old american bombers. I found the opening scenes very dramatic, and almost felt traumatised at that point. The third film I went to see is Into The Woods. Meryl Streep’s wicked witch character really appealed to me in many ways. I really liked the way in which she hid her beauty under a rough exterior, her dress and make-up is amazing both in the aged character, then later when she transforms back into her ‘younger’ self. This film wove several fairy tales into one, and it was a joy to recognise each one as they were built into the main story. I also really, really hope this film is intended to be a spoof, there was a scene involving two Prince Charmings singing a duet in the river. One vaguely resembling John Travolta, the other a Jason Donovan look-alikey with cheesey smiles and charm abounding.

Around all of this I have managed dramatic changes in my training plan, which have left me with both great results, and many good nights of very deep sleeping. My bodyweight is now over ten pounds lighter than in the photos in my gallery, so I am really looking forward to my planned photoshoot later this week. I should have the images uploaded during the second week of February, so please do be patient. Whilst this is a professional photoshoot, I ask the photographer to use minimal adjustment and to keep me as close to myself as she can.

I am certain that I shall be posting some great photos in the next ten days or so,

Best wishes and warm regards
Ruth x