Busy, Busy, Busy

Phew! Well since I arrived back from the far East I’ve had a busy week with regular clients champing at the bit to see me again, plus a few other developments in my life.

The planned quick photoshoot didn’t come off in the end, for the first time ever my TOG had to let me down. Whilst away I did however lose a bit of weight and the need for new photos isn’t really that pressing – in fact most people have said I’m looking better than my current photos depict. Now I’m not completely daft but enough have said this, enough times including some friends who have absolutely no reason to butter me up(in fact this includes a person I actually pay to be honest with me) so must be true.

Back to the holiday some time ago I was given the opportunity to visit China with a friend. It’s not a country that would be first on the list for me, but I had decided some years ago that I was going to travel more so of course I said “Yes”. Having spent 5 days in the country my first tip is to make sure you go with a guide, someone who speaks the language or at least stick to the main tourist areas. Since we were all on our own it was very difficult and we stuck to the hotel a lot of the time(which was very, very nice I may add). Whilst there I was determined to eat as much of the local food as possible(or at least local hotel food), and get to grips with using chopsticks. I did manage to achieve this and came back 2lbs lighter. Flight length was also something I was a little wary of since I usually find flying within Europe really boring. As it turned out I loved the long haul journey, really enjoyed being able to relax and watch a film, as well as listen to an audio book on the inflight entertainment. I chose Iron Lady and Eric Clapton’s autobiography. I am not a great fan of Eric C but I have been interested in his life and experiences having heard a little about him from an old friend of mine. Some of the music which influenced him early on doesn’t mean much to me(I’m more of a rock than a blues chick), but I found the stories about the Rolling Stones, Beatles, how his personal life and battles played out very revealing as well as entertaining. Eric Clapton’s music still doesn’t really get me going, but I respect the man for coming through his battles and finally finding happiness with his most recent wife. I also now of course understand some of his song lyrics too.

Now back in my world I have a few commitments which mean I won’t be as flexible as I have been regards bookings at certain times. Most weeks I’m now not available from 3pm-8pm on Tuesdays, and Fridays 1pm-4pm are also out too. This isn’t permanent though and I have plenty of other times available during the week. I will keep posting a rough weekly availability on the bottom of my ‘Services’ page for guidance, or it in doubt just drop me an email and ask. A couple of people have recently said I’m “difficult to get hold of” I’d disagree as would many of the clients I have who manage to book well in advance and get the time they require. It’s rare I am available to offer same-day appointments, although they are sometimes possible especially for regular clients and/or if you contact me early enough in the day.

Time to go now see you soon perhaps,

Ruth x