Fetishist or fetish?

The other day an enquirer asked “What is a fetish?”, at the time I answered “Fetish is a name some give to preferences they consider unexpected or away from the norm”. Today reading about the kink community I bumped into this word again, a quick Google returned this from the Oxford English Dictionary;

Learn to pronounce
noun: fetish; plural noun: fetishes

a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.
“a man with a fetish for surgical masks”

Whilst the example provided is quite topical at the moment, fetish can cover a whole range of erotic focal points. I once had a lover who had a thing about hearing the zip of a jean fly, up or down. Some clients have particular fetishes which with trust and time we have explored, some like gyneacological instruments, like the example medical gloves and masks. Sometimes it is the smell, or the sound of them being applied. Foot fetish is probably a well known, often heard desire to feel, touch, even worship the feet. Whatever fetish it is the person holding really turns weak at the knees, and becomes very aroused at the pivotal stimuli. Sometimes a fetish will be revealed at enquiry point, I will then try to understand and incorporate the fetish as close as possible. Rubber, leather I may however struggle with not least because I find latex very constricting, difficult to drive in not to mention indiscrete and not something I would wear without prompting. With a little discussion it may however be possible to fit into a fetish, my wardrobe is quite versatile and sometimes the fetish is as simple as a pair of long satin gloves. Whatever the fetish the effect can be very powerful, and empowering at the same time. Entrusted with an individual’s festish being able to give that level of pleasure and excitement, provides me with a huge sense of satisfaction and pride.

A new Easter has passed

Easter weekend has been a time to really reflect on how the current situation has affected the way in which life is being lived. To me Easter felt very much ironed out, Easter is still there however suddenly every day is just as important or unimportant as the next. It is another step towards a life in which adjustment is required, change is exciting but also quite scary.

Since restrictions took two major things and many choices from my life I have been very busy working towards revitalising something I had put aside, whilst adapting to new ways of doing things. One adaptation is putting in provision to keep in touch with clients, as well as provide something online for those who would like to keep connected and enjoy some intimacy whilst being physically distant. If you are someone who’s situation and interest allows, perhaps you have been a little too nervous to meet me in person, perhaps you have had a few bookings with me and would like to carry on or re-engage whilst you have time and space, perhaps you simply are missing your regular booking with me, or you would have always wondered what I am like behind the keyboard. What I would like to offer is a meeting using webcams, to say “Hi” have chat, some flirting, perhaps some undressing and a little play. Does that sound good to you? I will prepare for our virtual meeting just as I would meeting in person, with enough notice I can tailor my dress, lingerie and shoes to your request. This will be for clients I am comfortable with similar boundaries to those in a normal meeting, and I may want some details from you before going ahead. If this is something you would appreciate and find exciting please email or phone me, I will also accept SMS text if I have met you before you use the same number and are able to be specifically succinct. I want our interaction to be enjoyable and relaxed, so you get the most from it – and of course any pleasure is mutual.

Really looking forward to going forward with this, if successful I am thinking of extending this as an introduction for new clients in the future. Sort of a ‘pre-lim’ meet ahead of physical meetings.

Change can be a challenge, but also very enjoyable.

Ruth x

CoronaVirus COVID-19

My next blog was to be about my two viewings of the film ‘1917’ or as I like to fondly name it ‘One Hundred and Three Years Ago’, however as I am sure something else is currently taking over the world in a huge way.

Without wanting to create or add to the anxiety surrounding the novel outbreak, I feel it is important to state my position. I am very pleased that I chose to bring myself out of the extreme training and conditioning I acheived over the last few years, because I know if this outbreak had come at a different time my body would have had very few resources to deal with it. Having gained 9 kgs yes 9kgs is 20lbs in old money and having not ballooned, realised I must have been slighter than I thought everything is all go again bits of me have awoken and are firing on all cylinders. Although I am now in rude health I do have someone in my life who by age and another factor whether they accept it or not do fall into a higher risk category than a woman in her mid 40s, I also feel a sense of responsibility towards anyone I have close contact with. The same responsibility which ensures full sexual health screenings at regular intervals as advised by healthcare workers, an annual flu vaccination, private purchase and completion of the HPV course of vaccination and the complete exclusion of unprotected intercourse in any part of my life for many years.

Of course when I am intimate with anyone there is risk, however like many other people in a range of professions I cannot put my life on hold based on so many unknowns. All I can do is be aware and carry on until guidance tells me otherwise. I already only receive a limited number of bookings per week, often days sometimes several go by without any intimate contact with the outside world. My biggest risk I would say are non-sex work commitments and they are also few and far between, living semi-rural means a lot of the services I access are done so remotely including much of my own self-care.

I do have a few days coming up in the big smoke during which I aim to use a cab from the station, which is often dictacted by my luggage which gets trapped in Tube turnstiles. Then pretty much keep to myself apart from the few bookings I accept around a bit of sight seeing and using the gym (probably my highest risk activity!). I have my own little handspray made from essential oils mixed with alcohol and aloe, some of which are supposedly anti-viral in nature. As a contact lens and make-up wearer who has suffered with allergies and conjunctivities some years ago, I avoid touching my eyes and mouth without washing my hands.

When I arrive outcall I almost always request use of bathroom on arrival for a quick freshen up, starting a few days ago I will now always wash my hands before embracing you and am asking any one who visits me to do the same – offering a clean towel and soap on arrival. Whilst this may be futile I consider it the least I can do, if it in any way slows down the spread, then it’s worth it and it’s also good practice long term. Outside of bookings I am very aware of surfaces I am touching for example door handles, buttons and screens. All we can do is look after each other, and do our best. In order to avoid what may be a peak-demand period on the health service I have booked in for a sexual health screen, meaning I can relax a little with one less reason to visit healthcare sites until the situation becomes clearer – basically planning ahead and a little peace of mind with the things I can control.


Do you take holidays Ruth, do you work weekends, what do you do when waiting for clients?

These are all questions you may have pondered or even asked.

Although night shifts were short-lived my employee roles have often involved hours outside the usual 9-5 standard, and my Escort bookings are no exception. As I have blogged previously I really enjoy the variety and excitement Escort bookings bring, which includes the time of day. Also since becoming an Escort I find that bookings can ebb and flow, without a predictable pattern. I receive requests for bookings at a variety of times, and clients who like different times of day. Over the years I tried set hours, non-set hours, sitting around and waiting. I found the best way to respond is to aim for maximum flexbility, fitting in commitments as they arise. The quiet weeks and days allows me to recharge, recoup catch up with my personal life, carry out admin and even write this blog. A few weeks ago waking up to a free day I was able to apply a bit of Carpe Diem, setting off to visit a relative in hospital some distance away, of course during my journey I received a message from someone who had been wanting to book me for a long time. Ordinarily I would have been available, but my mission for the day was already set. I was however able to make arrangements for a different date, and finally after several years of trying we did have our booking.

Formal holidays are something I rarely take this because personal interests and commitments create weekends, sometimes weekdays away. Since my last blog I’ve had several trips away including a concert in a cathedral, visit to an infamous TV/TS cabaret show both involving stays in iconic hotels in contrasting locations. The hotel in the least salubrious location proving to be the best of the two, and somewhere I may return later this year. At the moment I have a visit to London planned for March, a trip to the midlands in April to support a hobby of mine, and before all of this I am away in the Greater Manchester area for a mixture of pleasure and personal. Often I am reluctant to score out dates declare them as days off because events do get cancelled also sod’s law says if I plan time the roof will fall in the week before or some other calamity, so I have to be fairly certain to actually pop ‘not available on these dates’ onto my availability page. On some of these trips I sometimes fit in Escort bookings with clients who would not usually be able to see me, due to geographic circumstance, some however are purely personal and ‘time out’. Last year I was a course I was due to attend which would have been really interesting and useful for Escort clients was cancelled at short notice. Having made other commitments in the area as well as accomodation in place I did still travel, returning home a day early allowing a regular client to add in another booking with me into his week away.

In essence my approach is to take things as they come ‘see what happens’ is one of my favourite ways of describing how the day or week will go, however once I have made a commitment that means as far as I am concerned it is set in stone. This is also why I like specific information to accept your booking, so I can set aside the time and make sure I meet our agreement.

Socks on or off?

You may start to notice a few photos in a slightly different, very romantic style in my gallery. In the last month I have been very busy fitting in a boudoir photography shoot with a new photographer, a few trips away including a great few days in London. The new images are just what I wanted to show off my now much healthier figure, in some of my very beautiful lingerie. These sets are just a tip-of-the-iceberg example of the lingerie and stockings I have to choose from for a booking with you. Of course I am also aware not everyone likes classic stockings, and it may be you prefer a casual dressed down look. I have a great selection of less complicated underwear, and also enjoy wearing fitted jeans with a blouse or jumper just as much as something more elaborate but do I leave my socks on or off? That’s for you to find out.

Shortly after I received my shots from the photographer I found my way to London for a great few days of pleasure, leisure, work and play. You may also notice I have a new review which can be found on Punternet, as well as a slightly different version on Adultwork. You may however not enjoy reading about my bookings, or you may prefer to make your own story with me afterall a booking with me is your fantasy.

Warmest regards

Cawfee how do you like yours?

Mine is strong, black and velvety I am admittedly obsessed with coffee, I have several methods of preparation including a stove-top espresso maker, stainless steel cafetiere, pod machine as well as my own portable pot of instant for trips away from home. The espresso and cafetiere use ground coffee, recently I was lucky enough to try Kopi Luwack (KL) one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It is best you don’t know what happens to the coffee beans as they pass through the digestive system of the Civet cat, it is also important to avoid the unethically ‘farmed’ KL. I managed to get a good 3 cafetieres from the pack every cup savoured, working out at little more than the same number of cups from one of the coffee chains. Although I suspect some of the savouring may have been driven by an awareness of the rarity cost I am convinced KL coffee has a certain ‘edge’ to it.

This week I am back to my usual sources, and also back to my ‘if I see an advert or promotion for a chain coffee I will go buy one from an independent outlet’. I started this when I noticed one particular chain offering free coffee from their automatic machines in service stations and shops. I cannot stand these machines some of which even eminante noises to try recreate the coffee shop atmosphere. I much prefer interacting with a real person, exchanging a word, a smile, eye contact I find lifts my day and just provides that human feedback which isn’t possible with a piece of plastic and metal.

Toys, toys, toys?

When thinking about a title for this blog I considered a play on ‘Toys R Us’ then suddenly I was reminded of Sabrina’s song from the 1980s about men (Boys, Boys, Boys) released around the time I was becoming a teenager and very interested in the opposite sex.

Not too long ago I walked into a hotel room which just by careful alteration of the lighting, heating, and the addition of music was instantly turned into a cosy romantic love nest. On the bedside table sat a couple of interesting little toys, my initial reaction was “Oh no not for me”. Having initially tried toys in my 20s and early 30s without success I decided toys were not going to do anything for me, and focused instead on the things which did bring me to orgasm. Throughout this meeting I wondered at my strong reaction I have started to become a little more adventurous lately, so perhaps it is time to revisit toys it would certainly add to my bookings and perhaps this time I will find pleasurable success.

There are many toys available I do not know where to start so I will start looking for something which particularly appeals to me.

Using Google I have carried out a little bit of research, I had already been aware that shared toys should be covered with a condom changed between partners, and the toy itself cleaned after each use. During my investigation reading
How to clean your vibrator I found this 10 Things to Never Put Near Your Vagina entertaining and informative at the same time.
What’s the best way to clean sex toys? and
clean your sex toys both agree that glass, pyrex, stainless steel toys are the easiest to clean, with porous jelly and latex toys requiring more careful attention.

Your first conversation with Ruth

I am always surprised and flattered when I hear someone has enjoyed my blog, finding it very entertaining as well as informative – which is really encouraging thank you for that. I find it useful reflection crystallising out my thoughts and feelings, often clarifying my strengths and revealing areas for focus. I am open to suggestion for topics if there’s anything you would like me to write about.

As a new client making your first booking may be quite daunting, I understand it is something you have never done before so aim to provide as much support as possible to guide you on your way. My adverts and this website are designed to provide the information you need to decide whether I’m the Escort for you, answer a few questions as well as explain how to make a booking. When you make contact with me I always take time to explain everything required, however I am finding myself coming away from some conversations feeling as if this willingness and understanding is being taken advantage of. For example a few people are making bookings without having a venue, time or duration, others fully aware a deposit is required providing details then saying they can pay the deposit next week.

The main frustration come from knowing that some of these enquiries do turn out to be really nice bookings, also much of my enjoyment comes from seeing a variety of clients. However I do need you to help me in this process, and believe it or not even with years of Escorting under my belt, I still get apprehensive before a booking – it’s all part of the excitement which keeps me continuing even when I’ve had opportunity to move on.

The importance of life – “Keep me as me”

Recent health test results have shown me that I really need to put some weight on, despite fitness being promoted in the media there are some downsides and risks associated with being very lean. In order to lessen the risks and enjoy a good quality of life I need to go against the belief that slimmer is better, and lower some of the stresses on my body. I am still following a training and diet regime with the same commitment, but I will be adding a few slight curves to my figure and ‘softening’ out a little bit. Who knows I might start to feel the cold a little less!

As you may notice I’m adding photos every so often, during my summer I’ve had a couple of photoshoots and have a great selection to show off in the coming months. Sometimes people ask are the photos mine, are they recent – the answer is I go to a lot of effort and expense to get the lovely photos, some are not recent however all are representative of me my style, my character and my body. Some years ago I did used to change a lot, in body size and shape as I struggled with a few personal issues. These days I stay mostly around the same shape, sometimes a bit leaner, sometimes not – but it’s no longer an extreme shift. Yes the photos are taken to create your fantasy some are more glamorous than others, however I ask all my photographers to do the minimal work. The brief I provide is “Keep me as close to me as possible” so you can expect to meet the woman in the pictures.

English summer days

Summer is more or less here which means the shorts have come out, on the way to Liverpool last week I suddenly had a flash of inspiration and decided to use a pair of denim hotpant style shorts in my photoshoot. Remembering a childhood favourite programme suddenly Daisy Duke became the theme so watch out for a video and some photos in the next few weeks or so.

My Liverpool trip was extremely enjoyable I combined personal life, study, some quick sightseeing, a few Escort bookings, my usual training regime and of course the photoshoot. Everyone I met was so friendly which will encourage me to revisit, just exactly when I am not sure. My next trip is to the outskirts of Manchester for which just like Liverpool I am able to offer a few Escort bookings during my stay, these trips may bring me closer to you for outcall or allow you to visit me incall. Either way I do not mind just get in touch with your requirements, and I will let you know what is possible. I do require a deposit for all bookings on these trips, options are into my bank account or by Amazon gift card – all details provided by request. Also if you are new to me I will at some point require a phone call, just to hear your voice before we confirm on the day.

Later this year I am aiming to be available in North London towards the end of November/beginning of December, this trip is still in the planning phase however if you are interested please once again don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I mentioned my training regime in my Liverpool trip although I am always training partly because I enjoy it so much, partly because I need to keep my figure trim I now have the ability to have the occasional meal out – which means dinner dates and overnights involving some meals are now available. This started with a client taking the opportunity to cook for me last week which after many years of regular bookings was something he had wanted to do for a while, and just added that little bit of something different to our meeting. I had to smile when at the end of the evening I was given a punnet of strawberries to enjoy when I got home.

Strawberries for Strawberry.

My new video Daisy Dukes has been added to the video page, it was great fun to make and see the finished sequence – I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did making it for you.