Socks on or off?

You may start to notice a few photos in a slightly different, very romantic style in my gallery. In the last month I have been very busy fitting in a boudoir photography shoot with a new photographer, a few trips away including a great few days in London. The new images are just what I wanted to show off my now much healthier figure, in some of my very beautiful lingerie. These sets are just a tip-of-the-iceberg example of the lingerie and stockings I have to choose from for a booking with you. Of course I am also aware not everyone likes classic stockings, and it may be you prefer a casual dressed down look. I have a great selection of less complicated underwear, and also enjoy wearing fitted jeans with a blouse or jumper just as much as something more elaborate but do I leave my socks on or off? That’s for you to find out.

Shortly after I received my shots from the photographer I found my way to London for a great few days of pleasure, leisure, work and play. You may also notice I have a new review which can be found on Punternet, as well as a slightly different version on Adultwork. You may however not enjoy reading about my bookings, or you may prefer to make your own story with me afterall a booking with me is your fantasy.

Warmest regards

Cawfee how do you like yours?

Mine is strong, black and velvety I am admittedly obsessed with coffee, I have several methods of preparation including a stove-top espresso maker, stainless steel cafetiere, pod machine as well as my own portable pot of instant for trips away from home. The espresso and cafetiere use ground coffee, recently I was lucky enough to try Kopi Luwack (KL) one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It is best you don’t know what happens to the coffee beans as they pass through the digestive system of the Civet cat, it is also important to avoid the unethically ‘farmed’ KL. I managed to get a good 3 cafetieres from the pack every cup savoured, working out at little more than the same number of cups from one of the coffee chains. Although I suspect some of the savouring may have been driven by an awareness of the rarity cost I am convinced KL coffee has a certain ‘edge’ to it.

This week I am back to my usual sources, and also back to my ‘if I see an advert or promotion for a chain coffee I will go buy one from an independent outlet’. I started this when I noticed one particular chain offering free coffee from their automatic machines in service stations and shops. I cannot stand these machines some of which even eminante noises to try recreate the coffee shop atmosphere. I much prefer interacting with a real person, exchanging a word, a smile, eye contact I find lifts my day and just provides that human feedback which isn’t possible with a piece of plastic and metal.

Toys, toys, toys?

When thinking about a title for this blog I considered a play on ‘Toys R Us’ then suddenly I was reminded of Sabrina’s song from the 1980s about men (Boys, Boys, Boys) released around the time I was becoming a teenager and very interested in the opposite sex.

Not too long ago I walked into a hotel room which just by careful alteration of the lighting, heating, and the addition of music was instantly turned into a cosy romantic love nest. On the bedside table sat a couple of interesting little toys, my initial reaction was “Oh no not for me”. Having initially tried toys in my 20s and early 30s without success I decided toys were not going to do anything for me, and focused instead on the things which did bring me to orgasm. Throughout this meeting I wondered at my strong reaction I have started to become a little more adventurous lately, so perhaps it is time to revisit toys it would certainly add to my bookings and perhaps this time I will find pleasurable success.

There are many toys available I do not know where to start so I will start looking for something which particularly appeals to me.

Using Google I have carried out a little bit of research, I had already been aware that shared toys should be covered with a condom changed between partners, and the toy itself cleaned after each use. During my investigation reading
How to clean your vibrator I found this 10 Things to Never Put Near Your Vagina entertaining and informative at the same time.
What’s the best way to clean sex toys? and
clean your sex toys both agree that glass, pyrex, stainless steel toys are the easiest to clean, with porous jelly and latex toys requiring more careful attention.

Your first conversation with Ruth

I am always surprised and flattered when I hear someone has enjoyed my blog, finding it very entertaining as well as informative – which is really encouraging thank you for that. I find it useful reflection crystallising out my thoughts and feelings, often clarifying my strengths and revealing areas for focus. I am open to suggestion for topics if there’s anything you would like me to write about.

As a new client making your first booking may be quite daunting, I understand it is something you have never done before so aim to provide as much support as possible to guide you on your way. My adverts and this website are designed to provide the information you need to decide whether I’m the Escort for you, answer a few questions as well as explain how to make a booking. When you make contact with me I always take time to explain everything required, however I am finding myself coming away from some conversations feeling as if this willingness and understanding is being taken advantage of. For example a few people are making bookings without having a venue, time or duration, others fully aware a deposit is required providing details then saying they can pay the deposit next week.

The main frustration come from knowing that some of these enquiries do turn out to be really nice bookings, also much of my enjoyment comes from seeing a variety of clients. However I do need you to help me in this process, and believe it or not even with years of Escorting under my belt, I still get apprehensive before a booking – it’s all part of the excitement which keeps me continuing even when I’ve had opportunity to move on.

The importance of life – “Keep me as me”

Recent health test results have shown me that I really need to put some weight on, despite fitness being promoted in the media there are some downsides and risks associated with being very lean. In order to lessen the risks and enjoy a good quality of life I need to go against the belief that slimmer is better, and lower some of the stresses on my body. I am still following a training and diet regime with the same commitment, but I will be adding a few slight curves to my figure and ‘softening’ out a little bit. Who knows I might start to feel the cold a little less!

As you may notice I’m adding photos every so often, during my summer I’ve had a couple of photoshoots and have a great selection to show off in the coming months. Sometimes people ask are the photos mine, are they recent – the answer is I go to a lot of effort and expense to get the lovely photos, some are not recent however all are representative of me my style, my character and my body. Some years ago I did used to change a lot, in body size and shape as I struggled with a few personal issues. These days I stay mostly around the same shape, sometimes a bit leaner, sometimes not – but it’s no longer an extreme shift. Yes the photos are taken to create your fantasy some are more glamorous than others, however I ask all my photographers to do the minimal work. The brief I provide is “Keep me as close to me as possible” so you can expect to meet the woman in the pictures.

English summer days

Summer is more or less here which means the shorts have come out, on the way to Liverpool last week I suddenly had a flash of inspiration and decided to use a pair of denim hotpant style shorts in my photoshoot. Remembering a childhood favourite programme suddenly Daisy Duke became the theme so watch out for a video and some photos in the next few weeks or so.

My Liverpool trip was extremely enjoyable I combined personal life, study, some quick sightseeing, a few Escort bookings, my usual training regime and of course the photoshoot. Everyone I met was so friendly which will encourage me to revisit, just exactly when I am not sure. My next trip is to the outskirts of Manchester for which just like Liverpool I am able to offer a few Escort bookings during my stay, these trips may bring me closer to you for outcall or allow you to visit me incall. Either way I do not mind just get in touch with your requirements, and I will let you know what is possible. I do require a deposit for all bookings on these trips, options are into my bank account or by Amazon gift card – all details provided by request. Also if you are new to me I will at some point require a phone call, just to hear your voice before we confirm on the day.

Later this year I am aiming to be available in North London towards the end of November/beginning of December, this trip is still in the planning phase however if you are interested please once again don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I mentioned my training regime in my Liverpool trip although I am always training partly because I enjoy it so much, partly because I need to keep my figure trim I now have the ability to have the occasional meal out – which means dinner dates and overnights involving some meals are now available. This started with a client taking the opportunity to cook for me last week which after many years of regular bookings was something he had wanted to do for a while, and just added that little bit of something different to our meeting. I had to smile when at the end of the evening I was given a punnet of strawberries to enjoy when I got home.

Strawberries for Strawberry.

My new video Daisy Dukes has been added to the video page, it was great fun to make and see the finished sequence – I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did making it for you.

Return to Land of Hope & Glory

The wanderer returns after my brief trip and break away, for my own privacy I don’t want to give too much detail apart from the say the trip was very successful in many ways. Not least providing both excitement, triumph as well as important relaxation time. I have come back feeling distinctly changed and ready to turn my focus onto some important parts of my life – including my Escort bookings. One change is that I am now able to start accept bookings which include (only if you request it) meals, my dietary commitments have meant that over the last 3 – 4 years and even further back than this I’ve had to turn down a lot of dinner date or overnight-with-meals requests. I still have similar goals and commitments I won’t be dining out every day or even several times a week, but I can now be a little more relaxed in that department.

My usual range of bookings from straight 1 hour through 90 minutes, 2 and 3 hour bookings are still just the same as usual.

I also arrived home to find my most recent order of Pleasure State lingerie waiting for me, a peek into the box today reveals knicker and bra sets far exceeding my expectations. Absolutely beautiful delicate cream and black lace, finished with black satin trims. One bra is soft cup, the other padded plunge who will see them first? I also think they are going to feature in my forth coming photoshoots of which I have one with each of 2 styles of photographers – Phil the freshman, and the lady who makes me look so glamorous fine-art boudoir style. Hope you enjoy the lingerie and photographs.

Warmest wishes
Ruth x


Disability comes in many shapes and forms, some are highly visible, some are not. When arranging and accepting Escort bookings several situations may arise, some clients chose not to tell me and why should they if they do not consider it a problem. Others wish to tentatively test the waters, a carer may make initial contact, accessibility, any special considerations may need to be checked out first of all.

The TLC Trust website specialises in matching disabled sexual service seekers with responsible sexual service providers, as a TLC profile holder I receive a number of enquiries from disabled, their carers and families. Often they are simply looking for an intimate experience, so they too can enjoy the experiences many others may take for granted. They also are seeking discretion, understanding and to be treated like anyone else.

Some difficulties may arise if say specialised lifting equipment, or access to older unadapted properties is required. In these instances it is often easier to arrange to meet at the client’s home, that of a close friend or consenting relative, or one of the many hotels which these days are designed to cater to as many customer needs as possible.

Making contact for anyone who’s senses are impaired can present issues, and or involving a third party such as a carer or relative. Sexual needs for family members and relatives, can be a difficult if not embarassing subject. Many of us do not like to think of our brother, sister, son, daughter in a sexual situation. Even simple things such as how to clean up aferwards can be a source of discomfort.

In accepting a booking on behalf of, or with a disabled person I prefer to stick as closely to my usual booking procedure as possible -whilst allowing for adaptations along the way. I need to have the consent of everyone involved in the booking, wherever possible I like to establish contact as directly as possible, preferably speaking to the person I will be interacting with. Once we have established contact and a communication method, I am open to receiving as much or as little information as is comfortable to provide.

At first I did not see myself as a speciality disability Escort, however much of this is due to my approach I just did not see many disabilities as disabilities. As time has gone on I appreciate a wide range of clients, and have found my experience widening further. Thanks to the TLC I receive enquiries from right across the Northwest of England and even further, where possible I will try to work something out either in conjunction with my own travels or specifically for each individual. As you will see from my guest book someone has felt able to be open about their experience as a disabled client, and I can reassure you there are others in there who haven’t felt the need to declare themselves. All I know is each and very person I see is just amazing.


Screen Bleed

Due to a problem with my android phone repair is on it’s way, I will not be able to access most websites including forums & directories when not at my PC.

Answering direct emails may also become an issue.

Phone or if a regular/repeat client succinct text is the way to get in touch…………repair arranged for early next week.

Each day I will be at my PC first thing each morning (apart from Saturday tomorrow) and last thing at night (apart from Friday tonight).

As ever please see my website for more information, and of course my Adultwork profile;

Strawberryblonde on AW

07849 574668

Thank you Londinium

Just back from a really successful trip to London, so successful I am definitely encouraged to return again. The trip down went smoothly, thank you Northern Rail for redeeming yourself. I managed to negotiate the Tube with more luggage than myself, thank you to the kind gentleman who helped me on and off the train. I fitted in my training a bit of sightseeing in the local area, kept my diet monitored thank you Sainsbury’s and M&S Food. Got to my event on time and enjoyed a great reception from the bookings I had accepted. On the last day I fitted in a final training session, bought a card from a little shop on the way to the gym and enjoyed making it home earlier than expected despite the threat of storm Freya I did have a few issues with the shower in my room, which I quickly rectified but otherwise all went incredibly well.

Prior to my trips away I had a very busy February, including another couple of photo shoots which I’ll feed into my galleries over the coming months ahead.

The strictest period of the year for one of my hobbies starts very soon, so barring accidents I don’t have any trips away planned for the spring. I will however be in the Manchester area for one day at the end of March, this enables me to offer bookings around Manchester at my usual rates, rather than the extra fee I usually have to add on for travel time. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Today is a rainy day so I’ve some admin planned, then possibly a trip out to see someone special.

That’s all for now