Fantasy is often a part of a booking be it online, phonechat or in-person. Phonechat and webcam can be an excellent way to safely explore fantasies, engagement being really important so we are both lost in the moment. Fantasies can vary from person to person, when using webcam or phone chat feedback lacks the finer details of body language, facial details, I may not even be able to see you. For this reason communication is really important, more important than ever.

Prior to at least our first online or telephone session I will ask for any fantasies, what would you like to hear and see? This provides me with an overview I then use to provide the best session for you, it also lets me check out a few things or indicate boundaries. Some of the fantasies I provide, or that you require may be very erotic in chat or on cam, but may not be something I provide during an in-person meet. Reading the information on this website should give you an idea of the sort of sex I usually engage – just enough, erotic, sensual, gentle, passionate without being rough. Anything outside of this will be fantasy.

There are also some scenarios I will not provide these being illegal sex or illegal relationships, abuse of animals or other people, simulation of anal sex on myself (I have been asked on cam to ‘shove that up your ass’). I also do not have humongous toys. I will also avoid talk about unprotected intercourse, and will not reveal details of actual bookings. I can discuss a variety of situations, and given enough notice can construct suitable fantasies around your requirements – fantasies in which we will both become so absorbed it feels so real.

Availability 2

Earlier this year I posted on the topic of organising my schedule, what I do between, prior to and after bookings. So much has changed in the world and the UK since then, thanks to ‘you know what’.

One of the things I would like to explain is how my ‘availability’ works ok, many years ago I tried a variety of calendars, booking forms, and other ways of communication as well as setting my ‘working’ hours.

What I found was that attempting a ‘real-time-live’ calendar does not work, it is impossible to administer and indeed very misleading. Mr A looks sees I’m already booked, in the meantime Mr B has cancelled but I have not yet had chance to update whatever system I have on my website, various forum posts, and profiles on a variety of websites – but Mr A has given up. Also having to run back to the internet every time there is a change of some sort just isn’t possible. Also I find even commitments in my non-Escort life can change, I have experienced concerts, workshops and events cancelled, people let me down or chop and change. In the meantime Fred has decided Ruth is not available on the 25th December, so will not notice that date has become available. Actually 25th December is often a dead cert, although I do wonder what a booking on Christmas Day would be like. I have had great experiences on every other day of the year, just never accepted or been asked for the ‘most wonderful day of the year’.

I found the best way is to use the Availability page to simply state the days and dates I am able to accept bookings, then state the dates I am on holiday or clearly having a day off. That does not mean I do not take impromptu days off, I sometimes do but once a booking is in my diary as far as I am concerned it is set in stone.

At the moment you may notice I am accepting one Escort booking every two days, around this I offer phone chat and webcam sessions either privately or via a couple of different platforms.

Thanks to patient clients previous, current and new to me making advance bookings on the one-every-two-days basis the only days currently available in August are 20th, and 31st. I already have some bookings for September and a few pending in October. This does not mean earlier or more dates will not be possible if say someone cancels, or a miracle vaccine for ‘you know what’ arrives. Vaccine or not I do however like the alternate day booking, it allows me to prioritise your booking whilst writing in other activities and commitments around it.

Any firm definite days off will be written onto the Availability page as soon as I am aware of them, apart from that get in touch with your preferred date, time, duration including location and if a new client or have not seen me for while the deposit method choice (Bank transfer or Amazon gift card). Being specific, providing this information is always really appreciated. I find most enquirers have a specific time, or date in mind. If I can make those dates and times I will do, if not I will provide the closest alternative.

Finally do not be limited by timescale I accept bookings, and have accepted many up to 6 months in advance. Aside from the deposit if required, I simply ask to check in with each other a month or so before hand, more frequently if you wish – but like all bookings if I accept I consider it set in stone and would work around anything which arises. This did have to be broken for my planned tour at the end of March 2020 when lockdown ensued, however a couple of the bookings were then subsequently transferred online which was a great introduction for both myself and the clients to the pleasures of online liaisons.

If any of this is not clear please phone me any time, sometimes it’s easier to have a couple of minutes conversation on the phone rather than bat around ping-pong emails going not-very-far-fast. My phone is on from 6.30am most mornings until 10pm each evening, if I am busy which includes sleeping, training, whatever incompatible with answering the phone I set my voicemail to indicate a better time to call. I admit to tucking my number away to maximise chances of my website being read before making contact, but that does not mean you have to read everything on here. Just call and I will happily help.

All the best very warmly

Opening up

As the world opens up, or at least the UK my schedule may also change. Don’t worry anyone who has a booking with me still has that booking, it is my pattern of webcam and phone chat availability will be affected. I am also having a full 24 hours off starting from late afternoon today, the first since sometime in early April. Going foward I can however still be fairly flexible by request for private bookings provided I don’t already have an Escort booking, so this is mostly going to only affect time sat in Vivastreet and cam rooms. It may also affect my ability to accept short notice webcam or chat bookings. As always the more notice given the better however even at short notice please do ask, as I often say “If you are straight with me, I will be straight with you”. I also have a lot of time and go to a lot of effort for many who book me offering appointments at a variety of times.

Since my last blog I have had my hair cut not much different to my own cut, but shorter and more confident with the scissors, my nails done definitely much better than my own efforts at home. I also shall be able to transfer my fitness training to purposely designed facilities again, and making a visit to a only partial capacity cinema to watch a classic film.

All of this is approached with a mixture of trepidation, and excitement. I don’t however have any desires to venture into a pub or restaurant quite yet. Those I can easily live without.

In the meantime I am really enjoying spreading Escort bookings out onto alternate days, so far this is really suiting me and self-limits incalls reducing the need to turn away or explain.

Also I am experiencing a lot of patience from clients who have waited, and booked in advance – a lot of respect which is greatly appreciated. I hope the benefit for the future is a greater acknowledgement of each other.

All the best for now
Ruth x

I just called to say

I love you

No you didn’t.

This is a post made humorously after an anxious couple of days, I know I have missed a few calls not only because they have occured whilst I have been otherwise engaged – yes I manage to coincide a Zoom meeting with the only time someone could call, short meditation session the second day they tried, then a 20 minute fitness class on the day of their third attempt. Remainder of the day I was available to take their call. A faulty telephone mast locally has also been interfering with the ability to accept phone calls, sure SMS text and email have been ok if a bit delayed, but my preferred method of contact unless already familiar and don’t need anything more than a ‘Can we arrange a [insert duration, time, date, location, type] session for 1pm Ruth?’, tends to be a telephone call. Whilst I have done my best to connect to WIFI whereever possible, locate myself in positions better for phone signal, disengage and re-engage my handset I have missed a couple and another couple of enquiry calls only rang out once or twice cut off as the signal changed to SOS.

Fingers crossed everything is fixed and stable again.

If you have not been able to get through I have my phone on much of the day 7am-10pm most days, do not hesitate to call.

Incase you haven’t spotted it 07849 574668 is my number, unless I know you very well and we are what I call ‘on the same page’ please phone rather than send an SMS text.

Here’s to a steady signal and less eventful remainder of the week and weekend.

In other news dresses arrived today for a little fantasy, plumbing at home has been cleared, potential mechanical issues with a vehicle dismissed, and I am feeling relaxed for the week ahead.

Ruth x


The music of the Kinks enters my mind when I think of the pattern building up between days of the week and style of lingerie and clothing I chose for at distance phone or video sessions. When I return to Escort in-person meets will I be doing the same, I most certainly will be doing the same cam, and chat sessions to provide a range of ways to meet me as well as distancing my bookings. My appearance however may depend on the exact nature and details of the booking.

At the moment since being all in cam and phone chat, I seem to have created this schedule;

Friday seamed stockings
Saturday Little black dress, or elegant cocktail style outfit
Sunday Sunday best, a smart floral dress
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday alternate between skirt, blouse or fitted dress

All worn with something from my range of bodysuits, matching bra and knicker sets, basques, camisole, camiknickers underneath. I always have a form of stocking encasing my legs be it stocking and suspenders, hold ups, or suspender cut-away tights. Tights I know are not popular so I leave those for specific requests only. Of course whatever I wear is finished with a pair of shoes from my collection on my feet, and a jacket or shrug.

Seductively removed, peeled off, and cast aside as we chat, flirt and get to know each other. I know a few of you have particular fetishes, some like bare legs and bare feet inside or outside of shoes, some dislike heeled shoes so ask for flats. I also have a selection of gloves including leather, lace and latex. I will not however arrive or wear anything I consider daft, indiscreet, inappropriate or makes fun of me. Feel free to let me have your preference before any session whatever form that will be in.

Speaking of which all being well my Escort (in-person) meets diary is open for bookings from the 18th July onwards, there are now two tables on the availability page first for online and telephone services, the other for Escort bookings. Once I get back into the swing of things I will find a way to combine both. If there’s a date further ahead or not shown, feel free to ask. The Contact Page explains how the information to provide if you aren’t familiar, if you are then I have no need nor right to teach anyone to suck eggs.

Best wishes
Ruth x

Diary Dates

This is a short announcement which may be added to and expanded, I am excited and a little nervous to announce I am reopening my diary accepting bookings for the middle of July onwards.

If you are a previous, regular or someone who missed a booking with me due to the restrictions please do not hesitate to get in touch regards a new date. If you are new to me or have made enquiries regards, please also get in touch with details from the Contact page. As always I always really appreciate succinct, clear, specific communications. I understand at this time hotels and other accommodation may still not be bookable, so please do wait until you have firm arrangements in place and are able to commit. A deposit is always required for at least your first booking, and if you haven’t built up a pattern or seen me for while.

Primarily an outcall focused Escort I can offer a couple of incall bookings per week, outside of which I am outcall only. Incall or outcall bookings can be any day of the week, subject to my availability. Only accepting one client booking every 2 days, gives great flexibility between the hours of 9am-10pm most days. Weekly I post availability for the forthcoming 7 days along with any known future holidays and accept bookings up to six months in advance.

Please see the Contact page for the information to provide when making your booking.

An online surprise

About ten years ago a personal life partner suggested we could become performers in order to fulfil my adventurous side, that slightly naughty bit of me at the time I couldn’t envisage it and dismissed it immediately. Now at the end of my first month of setting up and engaging in both webcam, and that other scary activity ‘phone chat’ sessions I certainly do feel rather accomplished. I have learned a little of different software packages, webcams and lights. Since recovering my humour and general health after the rigours I put myself through pursuing a goal in another part of my life I am having a little fun with toys again, and of course these current times mean that this is the closest I can get to actually engaging with another person. Sometimes it feels like a little window, sometimes I feel a little pressure but I am starting to really come out of myself, and it is definitely adding plenty of excitement.

Very similar to actual in-person bookings I get ready, make up, jewelry, hair just right, lingerie, dress and shoes chosen. I switch on, log in, get the platforms engaged, lights on, make sure the camera is at the right angle – then I wait. Waiting in a webcam ‘room’ for Pay as you Go visitors is a little like waiting for a bus, if you look they never come. So what do I do I read, I browse websites and social media, I write a blog, answer emails and telephone enquiries, leave feedback for those who have used the facility or start on some coursework for my latest ‘module’ of course. What sort of things to I read well my interests lie in the psychology, holistic health, science, legal, sex workers rights, and a few specific struggles people tend to have. Bundled into this is an interest in kink, sexuality, minorities, fairness, discrimination ability and ethics. I am currently working through a module which covers at least 3 of these right now. Finally I read other Escort blogs and communicate via a few online forums.

Napping or turning on a youtube or podcast always seems to bring that ‘hello there’ ping. Of course pre-booked sessions are more definite, a definite appointment a set time we have both agreed. Very much like previous experience with in person bookings I do experience apprehension, as I do with just about anything and everything I do in my life. I know this is just me, so I don’t read anything more into it. I do know I come away with a buzz, not the same as in-person just slightly different.

As we move forward into potential resumption of physical-presence bookings whenever that will be, I do so knowing I can cam and mix the two. In this way I can be flexible with my time, stay safe as well as see clients who might not be able to make a physical booking. An exciting development in quite difficult times, but I would not have tried if this hadn’t happened or at least not so soon.

Fetishist or fetish?

The other day an enquirer asked “What is a fetish?”, at the time I answered “Fetish is a name some give to preferences they consider unexpected or away from the norm”. Today reading about the kink community I bumped into this word again, a quick Google returned this from the Oxford English Dictionary;

Learn to pronounce
noun: fetish; plural noun: fetishes

a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.
“a man with a fetish for surgical masks”

Whilst the example provided is quite topical at the moment, fetish can cover a whole range of erotic focal points. I once had a lover who had a thing about hearing the zip of a jean fly, up or down. Some clients have particular fetishes which with trust and time we have explored, some like gyneacological instruments, like the example medical gloves and masks. Sometimes it is the smell, or the sound of them being applied. Foot fetish is probably a well known, often heard desire to feel, touch, even worship the feet. Whatever fetish it is the person holding really turns weak at the knees, and becomes very aroused at the pivotal stimuli. Sometimes a fetish will be revealed at enquiry point, I will then try to understand and incorporate the fetish as close as possible. Rubber, leather I may however struggle with not least because I find latex very constricting, difficult to drive in not to mention indiscrete and not something I would wear without prompting. With a little discussion it may however be possible to fit into a fetish, my wardrobe is quite versatile and sometimes the fetish is as simple as a pair of long satin gloves. Whatever the fetish the effect can be very powerful, and empowering at the same time. Entrusted with an individual’s festish being able to give that level of pleasure and excitement, provides me with a huge sense of satisfaction and pride.

A new Easter has passed

Easter weekend has been a time to really reflect on how the current situation has affected the way in which life is being lived. To me Easter felt very much ironed out, Easter is still there however suddenly every day is just as important or unimportant as the next. It is another step towards a life in which adjustment is required, change is exciting but also quite scary.

Since restrictions took two major things and many choices from my life I have been very busy working towards revitalising something I had put aside, whilst adapting to new ways of doing things. One adaptation is putting in provision to keep in touch with clients, as well as provide something online for those who would like to keep connected and enjoy some intimacy whilst being physically distant. If you are someone who’s situation and interest allows, perhaps you have been a little too nervous to meet me in person, perhaps you have had a few bookings with me and would like to carry on or re-engage whilst you have time and space, perhaps you simply are missing your regular booking with me, or you would have always wondered what I am like behind the keyboard. What I would like to offer is a meeting using webcams, to say “Hi” have chat, some flirting, perhaps some undressing and a little play. Does that sound good to you? I will prepare for our virtual meeting just as I would meeting in person, with enough notice I can tailor my dress, lingerie and shoes to your request. This will be for clients I am comfortable with similar boundaries to those in a normal meeting, and I may want some details from you before going ahead. If this is something you would appreciate and find exciting please email or phone me, I will also accept SMS text if I have met you before you use the same number and are able to be specifically succinct. I want our interaction to be enjoyable and relaxed, so you get the most from it – and of course any pleasure is mutual.

Really looking forward to going forward with this, if successful I am thinking of extending this as an introduction for new clients in the future. Sort of a ‘pre-lim’ meet ahead of physical meetings.

Change can be a challenge, but also very enjoyable.

Ruth x

CoronaVirus COVID-19

My next blog was to be about my two viewings of the film ‘1917’ or as I like to fondly name it ‘One Hundred and Three Years Ago’, however as I am sure something else is currently taking over the world in a huge way.

Without wanting to create or add to the anxiety surrounding the novel outbreak, I feel it is important to state my position. I am very pleased that I chose to bring myself out of the extreme training and conditioning I acheived over the last few years, because I know if this outbreak had come at a different time my body would have had very few resources to deal with it. Having gained 9 kgs yes 9kgs is 20lbs in old money and having not ballooned, realised I must have been slighter than I thought everything is all go again bits of me have awoken and are firing on all cylinders. Although I am now in rude health I do have someone in my life who by age and another factor whether they accept it or not do fall into a higher risk category than a woman in her mid 40s, I also feel a sense of responsibility towards anyone I have close contact with. The same responsibility which ensures full sexual health screenings at regular intervals as advised by healthcare workers, an annual flu vaccination, private purchase and completion of the HPV course of vaccination and the complete exclusion of unprotected intercourse in any part of my life for many years.

Of course when I am intimate with anyone there is risk, however like many other people in a range of professions I cannot put my life on hold based on so many unknowns. All I can do is be aware and carry on until guidance tells me otherwise. I already only receive a limited number of bookings per week, often days sometimes several go by without any intimate contact with the outside world. My biggest risk I would say are non-sex work commitments and they are also few and far between, living semi-rural means a lot of the services I access are done so remotely including much of my own self-care.

I do have a few days coming up in the big smoke during which I aim to use a cab from the station, which is often dictacted by my luggage which gets trapped in Tube turnstiles. Then pretty much keep to myself apart from the few bookings I accept around a bit of sight seeing and using the gym (probably my highest risk activity!). I have my own little handspray made from essential oils mixed with alcohol and aloe, some of which are supposedly anti-viral in nature. As a contact lens and make-up wearer who has suffered with allergies and conjunctivities some years ago, I avoid touching my eyes and mouth without washing my hands.

When I arrive outcall I almost always request use of bathroom on arrival for a quick freshen up, starting a few days ago I will now always wash my hands before embracing you and am asking any one who visits me to do the same – offering a clean towel and soap on arrival. Whilst this may be futile I consider it the least I can do, if it in any way slows down the spread, then it’s worth it and it’s also good practice long term. Outside of bookings I am very aware of surfaces I am touching for example door handles, buttons and screens. All we can do is look after each other, and do our best. In order to avoid what may be a peak-demand period on the health service I have booked in for a sexual health screen, meaning I can relax a little with one less reason to visit healthcare sites until the situation becomes clearer – basically planning ahead and a little peace of mind with the things I can control.