Discretionary discretion

I made a post about this last year, and I’m sorry to have to do so again. I am often asked about discretion and what do I do if I see someone in the street? The answer is that everything which happens within a booking stays confidential, unless you cause me harm or distress which would lead me to seek advice or report to the police. Extreme situations aside if I were to bump into you outside of a booking, I’m most likely to be in my own little World and possibly not even notice, if on the very small chance I did recognise you then I carry on and take my cue from you which may be a smile, nod, wink “Hi” or nothing at all. I carry confidences from several areas of my life, so this is not unusual for me.

Unfortunately this can be quite difficult for other people there have been a couple of instances where someone who had previously told me about the importance of discretion, has on spotting me outside has been extremely indiscreet in one instance shouting at me in a public place another approaching me whilst out with someone close. I also have a great tale from many years ago about a dinner date in a quiet restaurant, during which the person who’d booked me waxed lyrical about his requirement for absolute discretion followed by talking loudly about my website and how he came to choose me. At no time did he consider that person sat quietly at the other table………..or the staff serving us…………

Many clients are afraid other people will guess, you can be assured I will always behave in a carefully considered, professional manner. Also I will do my best to avoid encountering anyone who I feel doesn’t have the same sense of discretion, or who is unable to respect basic boundaries of privacy.

A period of pampering approaches

As a few people already know I haven’t been able to eat out for a very long time now, this is going to change in the next 6 weeks and perhaps sooner. This means I will be able to accept dinner dates and overnights which include meals, as well as any other booking in which you’d like to chat over some food. I won’t however be dining every night, and there definitely won’t be any wining because I am long term tee total. Some assume the not touching alcohol is the result of a ‘my body is a temple’ approach, the truth is that a long time ago I had a serious alcohol problem during which I also took drugs. Having gotten myself through all of that I decided the safest option is to be completely tee total, which includes also avoiding any prescribed drugs wherever possible.

Lately I’ve been finding it difficult to be photogenic, really lacking inspiration so booked myself a glamour shoot with my old friend Nicola in November, I feel I need a few of her shots just to boost my profile a little bit. I’ll also be engaging with Phil (the other photographer I use) on one of his trips north, for his very fresh angle on photography.

I can feel a definite period of pampering going on, which is going to be great fun.


Ooh what to write on an August Bank holiday Monday I’m drinking coffee before going out for a planned walk which is part of my training this week, listening to the soundtrack from a film I watched last night.

I’ve had a tendency to be quite serious focusing on documentaries, and historical dramas so this year have made a point of forcing myself to watch a few musicals. Last night was one of those ‘musical’ nights, this time it was time to watch something I was brought up to avoid and it’s definitely put a smile onto my face. I’m just adding the soundtrack to my little ipod shuffle so I can bounce along whilst pounding the paths.

Over the next month or two there will be a few weekends when I’m not contactable, I will post these on my availability page as and when they become definite. This does not mean I’m ceasing weekend bookings, simply means a few Saturdays and Sundays when I may not be available and/or am not responding as quickly as usual to phone calls or emails. The first one will be 2nd September, second one 15th September my phone will be off all day on both dates. I will however be fully contactable the following days, when I shall also catch up on any unanswered emails. As ever I do my best to respond to all contact, and the more specific you can be in any emails the easier it is to reply.

The download is now completed, so off I bounce.

Ruth x

PS returned home to find Dead Ringers on Radio 4, it seems the light-hearted theme continues.


I’ve a lot of time and patience for nerves, I also believe some apprehension serves a useful protective function. Sometimes however you might feel everyone knows what you are doing, and you might try to take steps to cover it up. Please be reassured the best way to get yourself noticed is to go over the top with an elaborate cover story, supported by carrying large bags, boxes, dressing for a formal function, hiding behind corners for fear of the person putting their bin out.

My advice when we meet is ‘act normal’ like two acquaintances saying hello, one friend visiting another or on any other business we wish to engage in. Neither of us has a big sign over a heads saying ‘This is an Escort booking’, and I meet people of all ages and backgrounds right across my life, which can include asking for their professional skills. Lurking in the shadows, pulling down a hat and collar right up is not something which my friends and colleagues do when meeting, I also don’t usually need a cover box or bag (although my little coolbag food bag goes everywhere with me) – perhaps it is however the norm for you? 😉

Feet hardly touching the floor

No not because I’m sat on a high stool, all because I’ve been really busy enjoying life.

Last month I went to see the stage production of Warhorse at The Lowry Salford Quay’s, this has been something I’ve been wanting to see for quite a few years and I was not disappointed. The stage play and special effects really got across the reality of the horrors or war, whilst being an excellent work of art. I particularly liked the way in which the puppets moved the horses ears were fabulous, as was the pecking duck. The following morning I completed the short lap of the Salford Quay outdoor swim session, it’s been a while since I swam any distance at all so I was a little apprehensive. I was only in for 18 minutes which without a wet suit was plenty, really enjoyed the experience of having a measured course without the bumping into people, walls and ropes of an indoor pool. I emerged feeling calm and exhilarated ready for the remainder of the day.

I also visited Manchester in June for a photo shoot some of which I’ve uploaded to my photos page, and as usual will continue adding every so often. This time I didn’t make a video which having seen the stills, I now regret because I think seeing the red dress swish and swirl around would have looked great. This red dress I spied in a charity shop window making up a Royal Wedding themed display, as soon as I saw it the flame red colour caught my eye and I decided to try it on. At first it was a little tight around the top, but the fabric felt and looked gorgeous so I bought it and having dropped a kilo in weight the fit is now absolutely perfect.

I’ve also been out to the cinema as well as a few social events, a couple of which I’ll keep underwraps for discretion and the film I’ll talk about in my next blog.

Bye for now
Ruth x

Lightly muscled

After many years of training I have now developed a bit of muscle, enough to call myself ‘lightly muscled’. So far this year my training has added onto the base I’ve been building over the last 5 years. My body doesn’t gain muscle easily, so I’vve had to work very hard. Never missing a training session not even when travelling, plus attention to my diet means that I now stand in good stead for more good results in the sport I compete in. I am now in the dieting down/reducing bodyfat phase which because I’ve paid attention to detail over the winter months, means I don’t have to reduce my food intake as much as previous years – but I do have to be very particular. I’ve been told ‘No eating out’ because I need to be 100% certain of not only ingredients but the exact amounts I am consuming. This means I won’t be able to offer dinner date bookings until at least October and possibly a bit longer – just depends on how well I do. Once eating out is possible I will let you know as soon as possible. Also during this period it’s helpful if you don’t present me with chocolates, sweets or cakes. I really love food but for now I’m focused on doing what I need to do.

All the best
Ruth x

A couple of films and nails

This week I’ve decided to go back to natural finger nails the gel polish I’ve been using for the last 6 months or so, has weakened my nails and I was fed up of spending time repairing them. So for now it’s plain nails, and plenty of TLC until I get the urge again. My toe nails always have standard nail polish on them, which is currently a shade of scarlet. Talking of scarlet I took some snaps of me in a very striking red satin babydoll this week, two of them are on my adultwork profile here and I may pick one to upload to onto my photos page here.

Whilst I do like to go to the cinema I am really fussy about the films I go to see. I won’t go to see something just because it’s fashionable, there has to be another attraction. In the last couple of months I’ve been motivated to see two films The Greatest Showman (TGS) and I, Tonya. Initially I’d ignored TGS because it seemed ‘fashionable’ and musicals aren’t always my thing. However so many people were recommending it that I thought I’ve better give it a go. TGS is definitely a ‘feel good’ film, with stomping soundtrack and a really nice message about individuality. I, Tonya tells a tale of dark humour, violence, and struggle against the odds. Despite her deprived upbringing, violent marriage, poor diet, and heavy smoking which probably brought on her asthma, Tonya became the best figure skater in the world. Although I had been aware of some sort of skating scandal in the 1990s, I didn’t know the full story, and I have no way of knowing how much the story has been altered for the film. I did recognise the dedication any top athlete has to give, and this was portrayed very well in the film. Unfortunately the violence was also portrayed very well, which did result in a few sharp intakes of breath from me. The film was very enjoyable, inspiring and also sad at the same time.

So there are my film reviews and it’s now time to relax for the evening. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Ruth x

Enjoying the process

Life to me is about living and having experiences which can be treasured. Taking up yoga earlier this year has further opened my mind and body quite literally. Already fairly flexible and very strong yoga practice was for me all about relaxation and mindfulness, it also introduced me to the practice of ishnaan cold water hydrotherapy. A bit of reading revealed this isn’t about short-sharp-shock nightmares of cold school showers, it’s about allowing your mind and body to experience the water with care and consideration. The benefits seemed very real so I decided to try it. It went so well that before long I started to think about an outdoor cold dip, so found an instructor to help facilitate this in a safe way. Of course the recent cold snaps rushed in to provide even more of a challenge. On the day of the dip the air temperature was around zero, water not much warmer. Boy was it cold I had to gather all my mental powers to actually go through with it, managing to stay in the water for a whole two minutes. The dip has been a really powerful experience for me in many ways, so many I can’t write about them all here. I have noticed my skin even softer than ever which is likely a result of the oil I massage into my body before getting into the cold water at home.

For you booking an Escort could be similar at first it seems daunting, scary and also very exciting. A bit of reading, research and careful thought starts to provide reassurance. On the day there’s a mixture of nerves and excitement looking forward, wondering what to expect. As the time approaches the adrenaline rushes and is still rushing as you open the door to find…a beautiful, attentive woman ready to envelope you in her arms. The time flies and you go away with a warm glow and smile on your face, will you repeat in future – that is only ever your decision. It may be a once in a lifetime experience, you may find it’s not for you, it may become part of your life something you do repeat perhaps once, perhaps a hundred times. You will take away what you need from each encounter.

On the yoga practice front this week I suddenly became aware that I no longer get that little twinge when in full Cobra, and in another post also do not have the tearing feeling when I have my foot near my shoulder. I’ve also noticed that my hips no longer feel strained when in certain ‘bedroom’ positions. This is great proof of change being possible for anyone at any age, and any ability.

Beast from the East

Here we are the in grip of Siberian weather, two thirds of the country seemingly struggling whilst here it’s mostly just COLD. Yes it’s freezing cold but for once my part of the Lake District is clear and dry. Plans for hill sprints were affected yesterday, so I found a clearish road to get in a few ‘strides’ instead. My training is going very well, injuries to a minimum and back up to full strength. I’ve also thrown in a few Park Runs and finished very well each time despite only doing a tiny amount of actual running training, and no significant cardiovascular work at all. I am still enjoying Yoga, and in the last few weeks have restarted Tai Chi. Sound in mind, body and soul is really important to me.

Speaking of mind, body and soul I have now obtained the specialist qualification I’ve been working towards for the last 18 months, this has come as a sort of anti-climax probably because the course took so much out of me. I’m not going to divulge the nature of the work here, but those who are know me well will know what I’m referring to. If you don’t and you are interested, don’t hesitate to ask me during your next booking.

I now have a set of photographic lights which means I can take a few of my own photos for use on here. Until now I’ve really struggled with lighting and I felt photos I took myself were never clear enough to really use on here. The lights were given to be as a Valentine’s present, which was incredibly thoughtful and amazing at the same time. A Valentine giving me the tools to improve my appeal!

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed I’m having a break at Easter, yes me taking 4 days off. I’m not very good at breaks I prefer to sort of chug along, having little evenings and days away as time to myself. Nope this time it’s 4 days of phone off, email off, me time. This starts on 30th March, finishes 2nd April – I’m working right up to and including 29th March, then my next day for a booking will be 3rd April. During my break I may answer direct emails if you are brief and to the point, any enquiries requiring more discussion/detail will have to wait until the 2nd when I’ll have a catch up session. If you text me over my break period there will not be any reply.

In the meantime I’m available as usual for outcalls in the South Lakes area and can travel much further with enough notice. I do also occasionally accept incalls, same fees and deposit requirement as outcalls. Just get in touch by email or phone call when you are ready to book, being as specific as you can with the details.

All the best for now, stay warm and if possible do enjoy the snow.

Ruth x

Whizzing into 2018

Wow January flew past so quickly with so much going on, I’ve only just noticed it’s been a while since I last blogged – so thank you to the person who kindly pointed this out.

My trip to Manchester was a great success despite my apprehension, I managed to fit a few things including a trip to the science museum which has a huge hall dedicated to the fabric industry. My relatives worked in the Lancashire cotton mills, so this is of great interest to me. I also fitted in a photoshoot but not until after attending the Beyond the Gaze conference. BtG as it is affectionately known is a very important, forward thinking piece of research into online sex work. The conference brought together academics, sex workers, police and support organisations all with the same agenda – to help understand and improve safety for providers of sexual services. I spent the entire day feeling supported and part of something positive, we were all ‘on the same page’.

Immediately after the conference I went straight to a photoshoot with the photographer I’ve been using for the last year or so, Phil has a fresh style, he doesn’t use any lighting not even flash and keeps any editing to an absolute minimum. Unfortunately Phil broke his foot soon after the shoot, so hasn’t yet been able to go through everything yet. The photos from his camera require a bit of resizing, after picking out which of the 600 are the best to use. I’ve popped a couple up which can be found towards the bottom of the photos page, and will add more as they become available. We also made another video this time can be viewed here it’s of me getting myself ready and is pretty much what I do before any booking. I don’t wear a lot of make-up I am not interested in plastering on a mask, I do however always make an effort to look my best enhancing rather than hiding my features.

New Year has also triggered a few new interests, I’ve taken up Yoga and I attended a one-day cookery course. I’ve been aware of the benefits of yoga for some time however I wasn’t sure if it was really for me, couldn’t make the set beginners classes and I also imagined the non-beginner classes would be full of experienced lithe and bendy yogis. A highly convenient opportunity arose for me to have a little go without pressure so I took advantage of this, paid my money and went along. I took to it like a duck to water, enjoyed it so much I’ve been to 5 classes in just over 3 weeks. I find yoga fits in perfectly with my training regime because it’s not taxing so doesn’t compete for energy resources, provides me with some great stretches and relaxation techniques. The venue and people involved are so warm and welcoming, that I come away feeling as if I’ve just been given a huge whole-body hug.

The cooking however is quite a different experience my relationship with food is often a difficult one, which can become a bit of a battle. I decided to go on a one day course to try and improve this, and also improve my appreciation of cooking. The one day experience certainly gave me a good insight into the sort of thing which goes into restaurant food, I don’t however foresee me ever recreating the recipes at home, not least because of the amount of wine which got splashed around. I have however been inspired enough to start buying and chopping shallots to add to my breakfast eggs and oats concoction, instead of using bags of chopped onion bought from the CO-OP frozen section.

I started February off with a Park Run if you don’t know these are casual running races held at the same time in numerous locations across the UK and the World. These days my I’m not training for running and in fact my coach doesn’t want me doing any significant amounts of running, or cardiovascular training in any form. I have therefore prepared from a very limited base of running, and was pleased to finish in the top half of the field, and very highly in my age category. Not bad for a rainy day in the lakes.

At the moment the only plans for the remainder of February are a rock night in a pub in a far off city, which I know I shall enjoy immensely, and possibly a DJ night closer to home. No more weekends away until the end of March which should give me time to finish off the never ending piece of coursework. I might get this Master Practitioner qualification yet!

Best push on

Ruth x