Text messaging

Hi again

It’s been brought to my attention that a couple of text messages have been delayed in being delivered to my mobile phone. This has led to a couple of clients missing out on getting to see me, assuming I was not available when I did not respond. I do not know why this is happening because my phone has been working fine, with other text messages coming through not problem. It does appear the issue could be with one of the other mobile networks, and I believe Orange are having serious issues with coverage at the moment which could affect people on other networks if travelling around the country.

If you do not receive acknowledgement after sending me an SMS text message, and require a sameday reply please just give me a quick call, or check your delivery reports incase the message has not been sent properly.

Hopefully the networks responsible should clear up whatever is causing this issue soon.



A year or more ago there was a thread on a forum I read on the topic of ‘Assumptions’ that are made regularly. Today I was reminded of this for some unknown reason, and decided to write a blog on the subject.

As an Escort, WG or whatever you like to call ladies offering the service and experiences I do, I find assumptions are being made all the time. For instance a few years ago I remember a client new to me phoning and asking me for an appointment at short notice. The time was mid-afternoon, when I explained I was out in the car and needed time to drive back and freshen up he then said he didn’t want to see me if I’d already seen a client that day. In other words he assumed I was only in the car because I’d just attended an outcall. I never referred to nor mentioned the reason for me being out and about, and it actually turned out that I’d been to visit a specialist sports physio in another town. The issue of me having seen or not seen another client that day is a matter for discussiong another time – because it shouldn’t and doesn’t affect any other client in any way.

Back to assumptions, it’s also a common assumption that ‘Escorting’ as people refer to it is an evening and weekend activity, but then some clients say they don’t want to make a booking in the evenings or at weekends because they don’t want to impinge on your personal life. I offer a wide range of appointments and have a fairly flexible life without any major commitments. Evenings, weekends, daytimes I can take personal time out as and when suits – in fact sometimes there are things I need to do during 9-5 working hours and I thus take a ‘day time’ or even a couple of weekdays off and prefer evening and weekend bookings during that time. This is why I say I offer appointments “most days”. I used to get a little frustrated if I had opportunity to do something at the weekend or in the evening, and I’d dedicated that time for clients only to be let down. These days I’ve learned to embrace this, and my friends are used to me being unavailable or available at a variety of times without issue. If however I make a commitment I do stick with it, even if it does mean I can’t see someone when they’d like. Life is about balance.

A popular assumption is that being female I love shopping, and therefore that’s what I like do in my spare time or days off. Sure I like nice things however I find shopping itself tedious, it’s simply a way to get things. That’s it. I’d far rather be chilling out reading, writing, watching a DVD, at the gym, cycling, enjoying coffee with a friend, visiting places of interest, going walking in the lakes or talking to others who share my hobbies and interests. Another assumption is that I like to be wined and dined in top restaurants every night. Good food is nice, but it’s not always compatible with my other interests and something I prefer to enjoy only occasionally and with good friends(to me the company always makes an event). Whenever I announce time off I often receive messages wishing me a relaxing time sunning myself on the beach, or recommending spa breaks. I once spent a day at a Spa and those 8 hours were more than enough for me, sitting around listening to inane whale song not able to use my mobile or access the internet. Sure I have my nails done, hair trimmed and perform umpteen beauty treatments on myself on a weekly to fortnightly basis at home, but for me several days in a Spa would be more akin to pulling my nails out or running a metal implement down a blackboard. Sitting around in the sun isn’t something I do either – with my complexion it’s just a complete waste of time, and rather dangerous. I prefer to be out and about looking at things and being active.

Any other assumptions, hmmm someone made a large assumption on a message board not too long ago. This was that a trip I mentioned would be being paid for by someone else. Just because I’m going somewhere nice doesn’t mean a client or anyone else is funding it. Sure I do have bookings which do involve some travel, going to shows, nights out but I do also go places under my own steam, either on my own or with personal, non-client friends too. I like to have a balance in my life, something that I think is very, very important.

Take Care out there

Ruth x

New photos for Spring

If you are reading this you’ll probably have already noticed I’ve posted some great new photos on my gallery page. If not then I do recommend you do take a look. As many of you know I’ve been really working on getting myself into shape over the last 12 months. I’m fed up of yo-yoing and love being fit, result has been I’ve become quite commited and the results are now really paying off.

I’d also like to announce that I’m taking the best part of 4 days off over the Easter Bank Holiday, and will not be available from 3pm Friday 6th right through until 3pm Monday 9th. During this time I won’t be accepting phone calls unless prearranged, I’ll be available as usual every other day outside of these dates and if you have a burning desire to arrange a booking for after the weekend feel free to email or send me a text – I’ll reply when convenient.

Funnily enough when I popped the little notice on my services page explaining this break I was then contacted by several people wishing me a nice trip away. Just because I take a few days off, or even a whole week sometimes doesn’t mean I’m jetting off, or have a ‘holiday’ booked. Sometimes like a lot of people I know in more conventional roles, I ‘book’ some time off just to concentrate on different areas of my life. Time to spend with friends and family, time to give some attention to hobbies and interests, time to give my place a good spring clean. That sort of thing, and it’s that sort of break I’m having this weekend. Nothing exotic but I’ll stil enjoy the time just as much as if I was away in some far flung place (in fact probably more so!).

So if you’d like to make a booking this week before the weekend, or indeed for next week just drop me a line.

Ruth x


Spring is coming, nights and mornings are much lighter which I really do prefer to the darkness of winter. I’ve been on a couple of trips since my last blog, most recent was a night out in Manchester. This involved a trip to the Lowry, staying at the Lowry Hotel, then returning to the Lowry the following morning to check out other points of interest in the area. I really enjoyed the show, even if I discovered my satin corset wasn’t the best thing to sit in for 3 hours, especially not when my satin skirt meant I kept slipping into the seat, making it difficult to sit upright. The corset did look great though, I’ve not worn that particular one for many years. It’s a very special one and I’d not been able to fit into it until recently. The War museum just across the water from the theatre was very interesting indeed. I’d expected a rather sombre place, yet it was very interactive and informative with lots to keep you interested.

I’ve been exploring Twitter and the internet a little more recently, and discovered the Capital Punter Blog. This blog is an account by a guy based in London who writes articles on his various experiences visiting ladies in the Escort world. There are numerous blogs by Escorts out there, but this one obviously gives a view from the male side of things. I’ve added it to the ‘Sites I read’ section to the right of this post if you are interested in have a nosy yourself.

Tuesday Tuesday

I may have mentioned in the past that Tuesdays appear to be a very unpopular day for bookings, and I’ve tried a variety of things including offering special lower rates on this day to try and shift the balance. It hasn’t worked however, with the promise of a definite booking this week I decided to be available this Tuesday and give it another go. As luck would have it the booking did not go ahead, despite contact right up until the previous night and the gentleman concerned did not follow through, nor contact me on the day as promised. All was not completely lost however as I did have a date with an old friend lined up, which ended up taking a bit of an interestingly exciting turn! A strenuous martial arts class at the end of the day finished me off nicely.

I think the message is loud and clear, quite simply Tuesdays are not a day for gentlemen’s desires so best I use them as a pampering day for myself.

The weather has made a turn for the worse, after thick snow we now have horrendous ice and I’ve relented with the purchase of a pair of Yaktraks. They are absolutely ace, I can now walk on any icy surface without fear of slipping. I have been quite careful to take them off in the house since I don’t think they and high grade laminate flooring go together very well at all. I have also spread some salt on my path this morning too, since the ice and snow wasn’t showing any signs of melting soon and it was really becoming an annoying hazard. It’s now marginally safer and a thaw is forecast for tomorrow and the weekend, so fingers crossed it’ll all be gone by next week.

Take care out there, I don’t drive when it’s like this simply because I don’t have to, but I have heard there has been a very high number of road accidents this morning out there. Stay at home is the advice and I shall be doing just that!

ps forgot to add yesterday that I am now on Twitter, thought I’d give it a go!

Freezing February

Blooming heck, it really was nippy this morning. It was so cold I kept my over-trousers on throughout my gym workout, but by the end was warm enough to brave the walk back no problem. I think we’ve forgotten all about how bad it was last winter, since we’ve been enjoying some extremely mild weather throughout December and most of January. Time for the woolies to come out now, although most shops are now full of spring stock.

This week I had to take a day or two off unexpectedly, and so sorry to those I could not see and had to cancel. It has to be something pretty serious for me not to make it, and I usually do try and let people know as soon as I do – which is why having phone contact on the day is most important.

Since Christmas with the prospect of La Senza ceasing to trade, I have invested in quite a few items from their website so have lots of new lingerie to try out and wear. I do often get asked by new clients “Would you please wear something nice for me”, and this makes me chuckle to myself. I don’t think I have anything which isn’t ‘nice’, and always make an effort to wear stockings, suspenders and either one of my many babydolls, or at least matching bra and knickers. So do not fear, there’s always something nice on underneath. There are one or two who I know actually don’t like suspenders, so I can wear hold-ups or even go for bare legs in that case!

With spring on it’s way I am rather excited because I haven’t succumbed to my usual wintery weight gain, and will be approaching summer looking very fit indeedy. Turning 37 has brought with it the usual doubts about what is suitable wear for a lady in her late 30s, I still have the same hotpants and short skirts I wore when last this fit 5 years ago. I remember when I was 21 I said that when I reached 30 I’d have to stop wearing skirts above the knee line, well 30 came and went, then it was 35. How long can I push it,who knows, but as long as I’m fit I’ll have fun!

Ruth x

Every kind of People

“It takes every kind of people, to make the world go round” or so the song says. It’s the start of a fresh New Year and I was recently reading a book written by the Japanese author Haruki Murakami. It’s taken me a few years to get around to his book, which was about time and I really enjoyed it very much. I found several quotes in the book which really appealed to me, and here are a couple that meant a lot to me;

“Human beings naturally continue doing things they like, and they don’t continue what they don’t like”

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

There was also another short paragraph, where he talks about about working in a business providing a service, which ends with “Thanks to this, though, I met all kinds of off-beat people and had some unusual encounters”.

This last line sums up some of the interesting, exciting and perhaps not so unusual people I do get to meet as the result of my occupation. It certainly isn’t dull!

If anyone is interested the title of the book is “What I talk about when I talk about running”. It is a very inspirational book, easy to read and full of a great deal of wisdom.

Now that the holidays are well and truly over I am pondering dismantling the Christmas tree, but quite reluctant as I find it so pretty. Perhaps I’ll bring myself to do it over the weekend. Over the next week or so I am available as usual most days apart from Tuesday 10th January when I shall be busy with a few personal things I need to do.

New Year

The festive season is in full swing now, and I’m about to have friends arrive for the New Year. As a result I shan’t be available from 8pm this evening, until 9am January 4th. During this time I may not be able to accept phone calls, nor be able to answer emails and text messages. I will however catch up with all correspondence onTuesday 3rd, when I’ll also be accepting bookings for the 4th also.

New Year, new things and I have news on a small change afoot. From 1st January I shall be increasing my rates slightly, do not panic though as these will only apply to bookings made at short notice. My old rates will still however apply to those who book at least 24 hours in advance, and follow my simple confirmation procedures.

Why am I doing this?Well I actually prefer to see less, rather than more clients, plus I find appointments planned in advance are usually much more relaxed especially when having to travel around this part of the country.

If all goes well I may in fact adjust my fees for advance bookings even further to encourage this form of booking.

In the meantime I’ve had a very relaxing Christmas, and lots of positive comments about the new website. I am very pleased with the reactions so far, and glad I made a move from the old one.

Take Care and have a Happy New Year

See you in 2012,

Ruth x

A new site for Christmas

Hi guys

Well here I am again, unfortunately I’ve been having a few issues with my other website – which has meant starting all over again with this one. I’ve tried to keep most things the same, so it looks familiar but there will also be some subtle changes which I’m sure you’ll get used to.

The only real biggie is my calendar page. Now I’ve tried all sorts over the years with this feature, and I’ve found it very difficult to please everyone whilst being reasonable with the amount of time I have to spend at the pc. Calendars in this line can end up being quite restrictive. I’ve had a look at several different options for this new site, and decided to leave out the calendar page completely. I may however post a rough idea of the times/days I am available or days I’m definitely not accepting bookings for either on here, or the ‘About Me’ page. Most people I do find will contact me directly to ask about availability, so I don’t foresee any great inconvenience.

The other thing you’ll notice is that there is no longer a booking form on the site. I am aware that quite a few of you thought the booking form went through to some sort of magical diary of mine, or that it was the only way to contact me. All it actually did was send me an email direct to my usual email address. Sometimes, and quite often prospective clients would make a typo when entering their own contact, email address. So when I replied, it was bounced back at me as undeliverable – and on a few occasions some very naughty people input their best mates address as a bit of a prank.

As a result I decided it was far easier, and safer to leave out the booking form in future. All you need do is contact me directly at the email address displayed on several pages on this site, and I shall respond directly advising on my availability.

A lot less mess on all counts I say!

So this week I am taking a few days off over Christmas but I shall be available Boxing Day (26th), 27th, 28th and 29th of December. I am then taking a few days off as I have friends with me over the New Year period 30th-3rd January but shall be available for bookings from the 4th. Apart from that I have no plans to disappear as of yet!

Take care and have a fun festive season.