Grrrr, nasty cold

I hate having colds, they are so boring and insignificant yet can render me completely useless for kissing and general pampering. This week I carried on as usual thinking the sore throat would pass like the slight one I had a few weeks back, got the high dose vit C in, finally took some aspirin today(I dislike taking painkillers) and gave in to it.

My policy re colds is this;

You can catch a cold anywhere, having tried various things over the years I’ve learned you can avoid all and sundry and still catch it, snog the face of someone who’s streaming and never have so much as a sniffle for months. If I have a sore throat or cold I’ll advise this when you confirm your booking with me because I feel it’s a personal choice to then go ahead or not, so long as I feel ok I’m happy to go ahead and have had many happy meets with a mild cold present either in me or a client after which the other party has reported no ill effects at all. I’ve also been at close quarters with clients who have colds and been absolutely fine. I can’t remember coming into contact with anyone who had a cold recently, or should I say anyone who would admit to it but it’s definite I’ve picked up the latest cold virus from somewhere.

Sorry Mr Wednesday we have to postpone until next week, but I’m hoping this is going to pass in the next 12-24 hours, I’m a fighter rather than molly coddler.

I have 3 days planned off this weekend to attend to a few personal things so it’s threatening to write the entire week off, might not be a bad thing and I have a special offer available for incalls appointments on Monday 5th, yes that’s bonfire night and if you’d like to see me during the day I am knocking £20 off my 1 hour fee, £30 on 90 minutes and 2 hour appointments. This discount is applicable only to appointments made in advance for anytime between 9am-3.30pm, confirmed on the day by telephone between 8am&9am(my usual confirmation time). If you’d like to take advantage of this you need to make sure I receive your booking by 12noon Friday, since after this time I’m turning my phone off for the weekend and don’t intend logging into my email until Monday. Any bookings agreed on the day will be at my usual rates.

I’m going to take this opportunity to mention my availability over various weekends in November. Firstly weekend 10th & 11th I’ll only be available on the Saturday up until 3pm, and not at all Sunday 11th. I shall be available weekends 17th/18th and 24th/25th but then taking Friday 30th, Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December as time off. I know a lot of my clients like to plan in advance so hopefully this will be of some help for you.

For now it’s another cup of either herbal tea or coffee from the pot, and curling up with a book infront of the fire for the afternoon.

Ruth x

Busy, Busy, Busy

Phew! Well since I arrived back from the far East I’ve had a busy week with regular clients champing at the bit to see me again, plus a few other developments in my life.

The planned quick photoshoot didn’t come off in the end, for the first time ever my TOG had to let me down. Whilst away I did however lose a bit of weight and the need for new photos isn’t really that pressing – in fact most people have said I’m looking better than my current photos depict. Now I’m not completely daft but enough have said this, enough times including some friends who have absolutely no reason to butter me up(in fact this includes a person I actually pay to be honest with me) so must be true.

Back to the holiday some time ago I was given the opportunity to visit China with a friend. It’s not a country that would be first on the list for me, but I had decided some years ago that I was going to travel more so of course I said “Yes”. Having spent 5 days in the country my first tip is to make sure you go with a guide, someone who speaks the language or at least stick to the main tourist areas. Since we were all on our own it was very difficult and we stuck to the hotel a lot of the time(which was very, very nice I may add). Whilst there I was determined to eat as much of the local food as possible(or at least local hotel food), and get to grips with using chopsticks. I did manage to achieve this and came back 2lbs lighter. Flight length was also something I was a little wary of since I usually find flying within Europe really boring. As it turned out I loved the long haul journey, really enjoyed being able to relax and watch a film, as well as listen to an audio book on the inflight entertainment. I chose Iron Lady and Eric Clapton’s autobiography. I am not a great fan of Eric C but I have been interested in his life and experiences having heard a little about him from an old friend of mine. Some of the music which influenced him early on doesn’t mean much to me(I’m more of a rock than a blues chick), but I found the stories about the Rolling Stones, Beatles, how his personal life and battles played out very revealing as well as entertaining. Eric Clapton’s music still doesn’t really get me going, but I respect the man for coming through his battles and finally finding happiness with his most recent wife. I also now of course understand some of his song lyrics too.

Now back in my world I have a few commitments which mean I won’t be as flexible as I have been regards bookings at certain times. Most weeks I’m now not available from 3pm-8pm on Tuesdays, and Fridays 1pm-4pm are also out too. This isn’t permanent though and I have plenty of other times available during the week. I will keep posting a rough weekly availability on the bottom of my ‘Services’ page for guidance, or it in doubt just drop me an email and ask. A couple of people have recently said I’m “difficult to get hold of” I’d disagree as would many of the clients I have who manage to book well in advance and get the time they require. It’s rare I am available to offer same-day appointments, although they are sometimes possible especially for regular clients and/or if you contact me early enough in the day.

Time to go now see you soon perhaps,

Ruth x

Summer’s almost over and I’m off on my travels

Yep, as already mentioned in my previous blog I am off on my travels next week. I’ll be available each day up until (but not including) 10th, then bext availability will be Wednesday 19th. It’s going to be the trip of a lifetime, can’t wait and am just currently making all the arrangements so that my place is well looked after in the meantime, safe sound and ready for my return. Housesitter have their orders, and I’ve arranged for a spring clean in my absence. New suitcase has been purchased, goodies obtained for the flight, which are mostly travel sized, aviation regulation – abiding beauty and hygiene products. Well a girl has to arrive looking the part you know!

My recent discount for advance bookings had a mixed reception. Whilst it did prompt a few old and new clients to book me, there were a few disappointments when it seemed a few new enquirers simply weren’t able to commit, ummed, ahhed, and cancelled. The galling thing if someone can’t make it during a special offer, is that others will probably have missed out and I’ll probably just go off and do something else instead. As it was I did get a few genuinely serious last minute enquiries, and was able to arrange to see someone who had been trying to get to see me for some time. So all worked out in the end.

After my break although I’ll continue to offer the usual wide range of timings I am going to become a little limited around early evening time most(but not every) week on Tuesday and Friday. This will form a pattern and so far don’t think it’ll have too much impact since there are still plenty of other times I can be available during the week – just let me know in advance and I can be fairly flexible.

I’m also hoping to have a few more recent photos uploaded on my return too. I’m a little fuller than I was back in March for my last shoot, and have received a lot of compliments about my bottom. It’s cuvier, firmer, and perter than ever as the result of a change in my regime and I’m loving showing it off but you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks.

Bye for now


Availability for the next 4 or 5 weeks

Yes, it’s all confirmed and house sitter booked in again. I’m going on a short holiday in September, to somewhere evern more exciting than my usual haunts. All will be revealed at a later date, along with a few photos no doubt, so it’s worth noting that I will be away for 9 days 10th-18th of September inclusive. I will not be answering my phone or text messages during that time, but I will check my emails once every couple of days or so. Before then I also have the weekend of 24th/25th & 26th of August to myself ie ‘not available’, but I will be available Bank Holiday Monday (27th) from 1pm until 10pm that evening. I’m also running a slight incentive for advance incall bookings at the moment, the deal is book an appointment for a Monday or Tuesday in advance (that means at least 24 hours), confirm on the day at the requested time and you’ll qualify for the following, slightly reduced rates.

45 minutes £100
1 hour £120
90 minutes £170
2 hours £220

I can be available Monday from 9am-10pm & Tuesday 9am-5pm (plus by advance booking only 8.30pm-10pm), but I’ve already had a few enquiries so you need to get in fast!

If you book on the day, or require an outcall then I’m afraid usual rates will apply.

So plenty of information on my whereabouts, and an incentive to come and see me before I jet off.

Ruth x

Touring in July

As most of you know I haven’t had any tours at all yet this year. Since improving my security, and now having someone who can look after things back home, I am now able to arrange a few tours to other locations. I shall be visiting the Gatwick and Crawley area between 18th & 21st July, and am now accepting advance bookings by email.

I shall be offering appointments as usual in Kendal most days up until and including 17th July, and then from the evening of 22nd July onwards for those clients back home who wish to see me.

Summer Breaks

A few of you will know I took a short break recently and did actually go away on holiday. Being a home body I have to be extremely motivated to actually arrange a proper holiday, luckily this time a good friend made all the necessary arrangements. I did have some input though as our first destination was a place I have visited previously, being in a beautiful part of an Eastern European country. I often get quite quizzical looks when after being asked which exotic place I’ll be jetting off to, I answer “Poland”. Anyone who has visited this fabulous country, will know it has a lot to offer including great countryside, scenic mountains, oodles of historic and beautiful architecture. On this trip I was able to further explore a particular city I was very impressed with on my last visit. After a couple of adventures we moved on to Paris, the city of romance where I treated myself to a ticket at a top show not too far from the Champs Elysee. Expensive but it just had to be done. Remainder of the time I wandered around a couple of galleries, stopping off for occasional refreshment in side street cafes.

I returned home clutching a selection of amber jewellery from Poland, and a very useful mobile phone charging accessory courtesy of the Georges Pompidou centre.

On my return of course it was time to resume my June special offer for Dinner Date and Overnight bookings. Had some lovely meetings as a result, and several very relaxed and pleasureable evenings have been had by all concerned.

Time to catch up on my beauty sleep now!

Ruth x

Tuesday Revisited

Back in the depths of winter I made a blog post re Tuesdays. Basically I decided to play that day by ear, and sometimes use it as a day to myself sometimes not, it just depended on the enquiries I received. I’ve only recently realised, after a few comments from clients that it has made it appear that I am no longer available on Tuesdays. I can confirm I certainly am available Tuesdays, and I have since the blog had some great meetings on that day of the week.

Apologies to anyone who thought I had ruled that day out entirely, I can certainly be available – just ask or check the information at the bottom of my ‘Services’ page. Which if you weren’t aware is where I post a rough guide to the times I can offer for appointments each week.

Oh and thank you those who have mentioned this to me, I guess I don’t always realise just how many of you do read this blog!



Ok, not quite there yet but I would like to let you know I shall be running a special offer for Dinner Dates and Overnight bookings during the next month or so. I am very much aware for the last few months there have been a few guys quite disappointed that I’d not been able to accept their dinner date, or overnight booking. Well I shall certainly be offering this type of booking once again very soon, and in order to make up for the lack of availability recently I’ve decided to reduce my fees according. From the beginning of June my fees for dinner dates or overnights shall be as follows;

Evening dinner date (3-4hrs) £290
Lunch date (3hrs max) £230
Overnight locally £540
Overnight further afield £590 (additional expenses may apply if lengthy travel is involved)

All other fees for my time remain exactly the same. Any questions just ask!

Ruth x

Text messaging

Hi again

It’s been brought to my attention that a couple of text messages have been delayed in being delivered to my mobile phone. This has led to a couple of clients missing out on getting to see me, assuming I was not available when I did not respond. I do not know why this is happening because my phone has been working fine, with other text messages coming through not problem. It does appear the issue could be with one of the other mobile networks, and I believe Orange are having serious issues with coverage at the moment which could affect people on other networks if travelling around the country.

If you do not receive acknowledgement after sending me an SMS text message, and require a sameday reply please just give me a quick call, or check your delivery reports incase the message has not been sent properly.

Hopefully the networks responsible should clear up whatever is causing this issue soon.



A year or more ago there was a thread on a forum I read on the topic of ‘Assumptions’ that are made regularly. Today I was reminded of this for some unknown reason, and decided to write a blog on the subject.

As an Escort, WG or whatever you like to call ladies offering the service and experiences I do, I find assumptions are being made all the time. For instance a few years ago I remember a client new to me phoning and asking me for an appointment at short notice. The time was mid-afternoon, when I explained I was out in the car and needed time to drive back and freshen up he then said he didn’t want to see me if I’d already seen a client that day. In other words he assumed I was only in the car because I’d just attended an outcall. I never referred to nor mentioned the reason for me being out and about, and it actually turned out that I’d been to visit a specialist sports physio in another town. The issue of me having seen or not seen another client that day is a matter for discussiong another time – because it shouldn’t and doesn’t affect any other client in any way.

Back to assumptions, it’s also a common assumption that ‘Escorting’ as people refer to it is an evening and weekend activity, but then some clients say they don’t want to make a booking in the evenings or at weekends because they don’t want to impinge on your personal life. I offer a wide range of appointments and have a fairly flexible life without any major commitments. Evenings, weekends, daytimes I can take personal time out as and when suits – in fact sometimes there are things I need to do during 9-5 working hours and I thus take a ‘day time’ or even a couple of weekdays off and prefer evening and weekend bookings during that time. This is why I say I offer appointments “most days”. I used to get a little frustrated if I had opportunity to do something at the weekend or in the evening, and I’d dedicated that time for clients only to be let down. These days I’ve learned to embrace this, and my friends are used to me being unavailable or available at a variety of times without issue. If however I make a commitment I do stick with it, even if it does mean I can’t see someone when they’d like. Life is about balance.

A popular assumption is that being female I love shopping, and therefore that’s what I like do in my spare time or days off. Sure I like nice things however I find shopping itself tedious, it’s simply a way to get things. That’s it. I’d far rather be chilling out reading, writing, watching a DVD, at the gym, cycling, enjoying coffee with a friend, visiting places of interest, going walking in the lakes or talking to others who share my hobbies and interests. Another assumption is that I like to be wined and dined in top restaurants every night. Good food is nice, but it’s not always compatible with my other interests and something I prefer to enjoy only occasionally and with good friends(to me the company always makes an event). Whenever I announce time off I often receive messages wishing me a relaxing time sunning myself on the beach, or recommending spa breaks. I once spent a day at a Spa and those 8 hours were more than enough for me, sitting around listening to inane whale song not able to use my mobile or access the internet. Sure I have my nails done, hair trimmed and perform umpteen beauty treatments on myself on a weekly to fortnightly basis at home, but for me several days in a Spa would be more akin to pulling my nails out or running a metal implement down a blackboard. Sitting around in the sun isn’t something I do either – with my complexion it’s just a complete waste of time, and rather dangerous. I prefer to be out and about looking at things and being active.

Any other assumptions, hmmm someone made a large assumption on a message board not too long ago. This was that a trip I mentioned would be being paid for by someone else. Just because I’m going somewhere nice doesn’t mean a client or anyone else is funding it. Sure I do have bookings which do involve some travel, going to shows, nights out but I do also go places under my own steam, either on my own or with personal, non-client friends too. I like to have a balance in my life, something that I think is very, very important.

Take Care out there

Ruth x