Beast from the East

Here we are the in grip of Siberian weather, two thirds of the country seemingly struggling whilst here it’s mostly just COLD. Yes it’s freezing cold but for once my part of the Lake District is clear and dry. Plans for hill sprints were affected yesterday, so I found a clearish road to get in a few ‘strides’ instead. My training is going very well, injuries to a minimum and back up to full strength. I’ve also thrown in a few Park Runs and finished very well each time despite only doing a tiny amount of actual running training, and no significant cardiovascular work at all. I am still enjoying Yoga, and in the last few weeks have restarted Tai Chi. Sound in mind, body and soul is really important to me.

Speaking of mind, body and soul I have now obtained the specialist qualification I’ve been working towards for the last 18 months, this has come as a sort of anti-climax probably because the course took so much out of me. I’m not going to divulge the nature of the work here, but those who are know me well will know what I’m referring to. If you don’t and you are interested, don’t hesitate to ask me during your next booking.

I now have a set of photographic lights which means I can take a few of my own photos for use on here. Until now I’ve really struggled with lighting and I felt photos I took myself were never clear enough to really use on here. The lights were given to be as a Valentine’s present, which was incredibly thoughtful and amazing at the same time. A Valentine giving me the tools to improve my appeal!

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed I’m having a break at Easter, yes me taking 4 days off. I’m not very good at breaks I prefer to sort of chug along, having little evenings and days away as time to myself. Nope this time it’s 4 days of phone off, email off, me time. This starts on 30th March, finishes 2nd April – I’m working right up to and including 29th March, then my next day for a booking will be 3rd April. During my break I may answer direct emails if you are brief and to the point, any enquiries requiring more discussion/detail will have to wait until the 2nd when I’ll have a catch up session. If you text me over my break period there will not be any reply.

In the meantime I’m available as usual for outcalls in the South Lakes area and can travel much further with enough notice. I do also occasionally accept incalls, same fees and deposit requirement as outcalls. Just get in touch by email or phone call when you are ready to book, being as specific as you can with the details.

All the best for now, stay warm and if possible do enjoy the snow.

Ruth x