Do you take holidays Ruth, do you work weekends, what do you do when waiting for clients?

These are all questions you may have pondered or even asked.

Although night shifts were short-lived my employee roles have often involved hours outside the usual 9-5 standard, and my Escort bookings are no exception. As I have blogged previously I really enjoy the variety and excitement Escort bookings bring, which includes the time of day. Also since becoming an Escort I find that bookings can ebb and flow, without a predictable pattern. I receive requests for bookings at a variety of times, and clients who like different times of day. Over the years I tried set hours, non-set hours, sitting around and waiting. I found the best way to respond is to aim for maximum flexbility, fitting in commitments as they arise. The quiet weeks and days allows me to recharge, recoup catch up with my personal life, carry out admin and even write this blog. A few weeks ago waking up to a free day I was able to apply a bit of Carpe Diem, setting off to visit a relative in hospital some distance away, of course during my journey I received a message from someone who had been wanting to book me for a long time. Ordinarily I would have been available, but my mission for the day was already set. I was however able to make arrangements for a different date, and finally after several years of trying we did have our booking.

Formal holidays are something I rarely take this because personal interests and commitments create weekends, sometimes weekdays away. Since my last blog I’ve had several trips away including a concert in a cathedral, visit to an infamous TV/TS cabaret show both involving stays in iconic hotels in contrasting locations. The hotel in the least salubrious location proving to be the best of the two, and somewhere I may return later this year. At the moment I have a visit to London planned for March, a trip to the midlands in April to support a hobby of mine, and before all of this I am away in the Greater Manchester area for a mixture of pleasure and personal. Often I am reluctant to score out dates declare them as days off because events do get cancelled also sod’s law says if I plan time the roof will fall in the week before or some other calamity, so I have to be fairly certain to actually pop ‘not available on these dates’ onto my availability page. On some of these trips I sometimes fit in Escort bookings with clients who would not usually be able to see me, due to geographic circumstance, some however are purely personal and ‘time out’. Last year I was a course I was due to attend which would have been really interesting and useful for Escort clients was cancelled at short notice. Having made other commitments in the area as well as accomodation in place I did still travel, returning home a day early allowing a regular client to add in another booking with me into his week away.

In essence my approach is to take things as they come ‘see what happens’ is one of my favourite ways of describing how the day or week will go, however once I have made a commitment that means as far as I am concerned it is set in stone. This is also why I like specific information to accept your booking, so I can set aside the time and make sure I meet our agreement.