It’s been a bit of a different few months, with a slightly different time table which has resulted in a few new visitors I may not have otherwise seen. It is however going to be good to welcome back those who’ve not been able to see me on my altered hours, and as already alluded to I’ve been quite surprised at what I’ve learned from events over the summer. A change as they say is as good as a rest and most things turn out ok in the end.

A client brought up the subject of a ‘Bucket list’ recently. I’d never really understood nor liked the name of the things people like to work down before they die. Probably because these days I take things as they come. I do have things I can forsee myself doing, but I’m more of a ‘Things will work out as they are meant to’ type person, rather than ‘I must do this’ however that’s not to say I don’t hope nor that I’m not determined. Quite the contrary. I wouldn’t have a sexual to-do list because I’ve explored the things which intrigued and excited me, and decided which ones I liked. Those I don’t like, or are beyond my accepted risk levels I simply do not do.