A year or more ago there was a thread on a forum I read on the topic of ‘Assumptions’ that are made regularly. Today I was reminded of this for some unknown reason, and decided to write a blog on the subject.

As an Escort, WG or whatever you like to call ladies offering the service and experiences I do, I find assumptions are being made all the time. For instance a few years ago I remember a client new to me phoning and asking me for an appointment at short notice. The time was mid-afternoon, when I explained I was out in the car and needed time to drive back and freshen up he then said he didn’t want to see me if I’d already seen a client that day. In other words he assumed I was only in the car because I’d just attended an outcall. I never referred to nor mentioned the reason for me being out and about, and it actually turned out that I’d been to visit a specialist sports physio in another town. The issue of me having seen or not seen another client that day is a matter for discussiong another time – because it shouldn’t and doesn’t affect any other client in any way.

Back to assumptions, it’s also a common assumption that ‘Escorting’ as people refer to it is an evening and weekend activity, but then some clients say they don’t want to make a booking in the evenings or at weekends because they don’t want to impinge on your personal life. I offer a wide range of appointments and have a fairly flexible life without any major commitments. Evenings, weekends, daytimes I can take personal time out as and when suits – in fact sometimes there are things I need to do during 9-5 working hours and I thus take a ‘day time’ or even a couple of weekdays off and prefer evening and weekend bookings during that time. This is why I say I offer appointments “most days”. I used to get a little frustrated if I had opportunity to do something at the weekend or in the evening, and I’d dedicated that time for clients only to be let down. These days I’ve learned to embrace this, and my friends are used to me being unavailable or available at a variety of times without issue. If however I make a commitment I do stick with it, even if it does mean I can’t see someone when they’d like. Life is about balance.

A popular assumption is that being female I love shopping, and therefore that’s what I like do in my spare time or days off. Sure I like nice things however I find shopping itself tedious, it’s simply a way to get things. That’s it. I’d far rather be chilling out reading, writing, watching a DVD, at the gym, cycling, enjoying coffee with a friend, visiting places of interest, going walking in the lakes or talking to others who share my hobbies and interests. Another assumption is that I like to be wined and dined in top restaurants every night. Good food is nice, but it’s not always compatible with my other interests and something I prefer to enjoy only occasionally and with good friends(to me the company always makes an event). Whenever I announce time off I often receive messages wishing me a relaxing time sunning myself on the beach, or recommending spa breaks. I once spent a day at a Spa and those 8 hours were more than enough for me, sitting around listening to inane whale song not able to use my mobile or access the internet. Sure I have my nails done, hair trimmed and perform umpteen beauty treatments on myself on a weekly to fortnightly basis at home, but for me several days in a Spa would be more akin to pulling my nails out or running a metal implement down a blackboard. Sitting around in the sun isn’t something I do either – with my complexion it’s just a complete waste of time, and rather dangerous. I prefer to be out and about looking at things and being active.

Any other assumptions, hmmm someone made a large assumption on a message board not too long ago. This was that a trip I mentioned would be being paid for by someone else. Just because I’m going somewhere nice doesn’t mean a client or anyone else is funding it. Sure I do have bookings which do involve some travel, going to shows, nights out but I do also go places under my own steam, either on my own or with personal, non-client friends too. I like to have a balance in my life, something that I think is very, very important.

Take Care out there

Ruth x