Asparagus and Midges

Sitting outside on the veranda seemed like a good way to start the evening, champagne and olives were served and the conversation after a tentative start flowed………..I was aware of the small things flying around me but didn’t think much of it after all were weren’t right next to a waterway. After all we were still a good 1 hour+ drive from Scotland land of the super-midge, and it’s not as if the English midge has the same impact. A day or so later the lumps were well and truly established, and I knew once again my skin had reacted badly to the bite of the midges. Out came the Clarityn and aloe vera, however like all the insect repellents (official and unofficial) that I’ve tried they only had minimal effect, so lumpy leg and eye week it was to be. Did manage to restrain myself from scratching so most of the worst has now gone. Had some lovely food later that evening, asparagus is a favourite of mine, a bit naughty if you wish to get intimate but I’ve never heard anyone complain and if I were to avoid everything that could taint bodily secretions in anyway I’d have to curl up and die. I also have a thing about capers, which are delicious served with smoked salmon (enjoyed during a quick bite to eat following a couple of hour’s booking last week).

Speaking of bookings I am only offering incalls on an evening and weekend basis at the moment, daytime weekday incalls will return in a few weeks but until then if you wish to visit me incall it’ll have to either be at the weekend or after 5pm during the week. I do have a special rate for 90 minute outcalls (£200) at the moment, as well as dinner and overnight bookings (£290 & £500 respectively). These will apply until around mid-Julyish when I’ll be changing one or two things around again.

In the meantime I think I’ll keep to avoiding sitting outside close to any form of water, until I get brave enough to try the Avon SSS solution – the threat of a week of itching lumps is currently not tempting me to try this popular preventative remedy.