Had a lovely Easter, took the day off which I then packed full of activities. Up early and off to the gym to get my training out of the way, then a bit of spirituality, followed by lunch and pasche egging on a nearby steep hill. Lamb for tea, then relaxing watching Crimson Fields with me occasionally asking “Would they really be like that?” and “Is that historically correct?”.

A few of you might notice I’ve rejigged some wording on this website, it has raised a little bit of concern. I am able to reassure you that I rarely encounter anyone who “barks orders” or “throws me around”, and if I do it certainly gets challenged. I did however think it was time I made it explicitly clear upfront, just to stop the odd one or two who might think that’s what is available. It isn’t and I do usually suss stuff like that out on initial contact, so the clients I accept are usually looking for the exact experience I do offer.

At the moment I’ve removed even the vaguest trace of my phone number from here, because I really am preferring a proper and specific email from new clients, rather than vague or indiscrete random phone calls. If you really do need to speak before making a booking, email to arrange a specific time to speak. Please don’t try and wangle around this as someone did in the last few days, it only makes me feel odd and gets me off at a bad angle so to speak(really puts me off). Most people have been brilliant with most new clients willing and able to contact me in my preferred manner, which is fantastic and most appreciated. This has resulted in some lovely, very successful and smile-inducing meetings. x