A tale of many films

As a few of you know the pandemic has not been a Netflix fest for everyone, certainly not me as I adapted to online ways of working. Many of my hobbies also transferred themselves online, and my free time was well and truly much reduced. I have to make an effort to make time to watch television, recently I have watched 4 films. One was a rerun for me watched with someone who had not seen it previously, another was completely new to me, the third was mentioned by a colleague of a friend, the 4th just popped up looked interesting on Netflix.

The first was Twelve Monkeys, I remember watching this at the cinema when it was released in the late 90s. At the time it received much applaud, and over 20 years on during a pandemic the story has great relevance not to mention frequent views of Bruce Willis back as he is frequently scrubbed clean during decontamination procedures.

The second Fight Club recommended by a client, two scenes in suddenly I recognised a nickname I had seen on a webcam platform – they have left me a review so this name is not a secret.

The third Rocket Man which is absolutely splendid, sad, heart warming and a great celebration of an incredible talent.

The fourth I watched only last night Burlesque, sexy, talented towards the end I explained ‘Christine Aguilera is simply being Christina Aguilera’. Lovely film to relax and enjoy the sparkles, love story and against the odds tale.

Currently I am part-way through Before Sunrise, another client recommendation and very enjoyable. A pure love story which contains so much chemistry, it is erotic without the characters even taking their clothes off. A look, a kiss. Takes me back 30 years, to a love I lost but still hold dear in my heart. That yearning excitement is as far as I am concerned as exciting as sex itself, I will never forget and the memory is a reminder of the power of feeling two people can have for each other.

In the next few weeks I have a few events which alter my availability, firstly I have great availability for outcalls 2nd-8th August inclusive (that means 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th). During this time I also have with notice, good availability for private webcam using Skype or Whatsapp. I will not however be able to stream using Streamate and my time on Adultwork direct cam may be limited (but do check with me if you wish to have an adultwork cam session). I am also available every day for phone chat either through Adultwork, niteFlirt or private arrangement.

I would like to remind that I can only discuss private webcam or phone chats using my own hotmail email address, or on my own telephone number. A few people but not many do send messages within the Adultwork email system asking for alternatives, but I can only ever answer with a referral to Adultwork direct cam or direct chat.

Remember direct contact I prefer phone me, email me I will respond as soon as possible. Finally when emailing me, do check your junk box as I do too, quite a few replies can end up in there.

All the best and happy watching
Ruth x