A quick update

In the mood of spring cleaning, sprucing things up at my place I’ve also decided to take up an offer for a boudoir-style photoshoot. This promises to be quite different to others I’ve had before, I’ll be having my hair and make-up done followed by several hours in front of the lens. Clients for years have been telling me that my photos do not do me justice, and advertising directory owners have also completely unprompted, said the same things. In fact one or two have almost ordered me to get some better images. After a few false starts a few years ago, I had been quite put off using other photographers, but now is time to do something about it. I’m approaching 40 and moving towards part-time Escorting, so want to make the most of my time. In other words quality, not quantity is never more poignant and appropriate than now.

Due to outside commitments the shoot won’t be possible until the end of May, and I think it’s time for a new banner too. I cannot wait!