A new site for Christmas

Hi guys

Well here I am again, unfortunately I’ve been having a few issues with my other website – which has meant starting all over again with this one. I’ve tried to keep most things the same, so it looks familiar but there will also be some subtle changes which I’m sure you’ll get used to.

The only real biggie is my calendar page. Now I’ve tried all sorts over the years with this feature, and I’ve found it very difficult to please everyone whilst being reasonable with the amount of time I have to spend at the pc. Calendars in this line can end up being quite restrictive. I’ve had a look at several different options for this new site, and decided to leave out the calendar page completely. I may however post a rough idea of the times/days I am available or days I’m definitely not accepting bookings for either on here, or the ‘About Me’ page. Most people I do find will contact me directly to ask about availability, so I don’t foresee any great inconvenience.

The other thing you’ll notice is that there is no longer a booking form on the site. I am aware that quite a few of you thought the booking form went through to some sort of magical diary of mine, or that it was the only way to contact me. All it actually did was send me an email direct to my usual email address. Sometimes, and quite often prospective clients would make a typo when entering their own contact, email address. So when I replied, it was bounced back at me as undeliverable – and on a few occasions some very naughty people input their best mates address as a bit of a prank.

As a result I decided it was far easier, and safer to leave out the booking form in future. All you need do is contact me directly at the email address displayed on several pages on this site, and I shall respond directly advising on my availability.

A lot less mess on all counts I say!

So this week I am taking a few days off over Christmas but I shall be available Boxing Day (26th), 27th, 28th and 29th of December. I am then taking a few days off as I have friends with me over the New Year period 30th-3rd January but shall be available for bookings from the 4th. Apart from that I have no plans to disappear as of yet!

Take care and have a fun festive season.