A couple of films and nails

This week I’ve decided to go back to natural finger nails the gel polish I’ve been using for the last 6 months or so, has weakened my nails and I was fed up of spending time repairing them. So for now it’s plain nails, and plenty of TLC until I get the urge again. My toe nails always have standard nail polish on them, which is currently a shade of scarlet. Talking of scarlet I took some snaps of me in a very striking red satin babydoll this week, two of them are on my adultwork profile here and I may pick one to upload to onto my photos page here.

Whilst I do like to go to the cinema I am really fussy about the films I go to see. I won’t go to see something just because it’s fashionable, there has to be another attraction. In the last couple of months I’ve been motivated to see two films The Greatest Showman (TGS) and I, Tonya. Initially I’d ignored TGS because it seemed ‘fashionable’ and musicals aren’t always my thing. However so many people were recommending it that I thought I’ve better give it a go. TGS is definitely a ‘feel good’ film, with stomping soundtrack and a really nice message about individuality. I, Tonya tells a tale of dark humour, violence, and struggle against the odds. Despite her deprived upbringing, violent marriage, poor diet, and heavy smoking which probably brought on her asthma, Tonya became the best figure skater in the world. Although I had been aware of some sort of skating scandal in the 1990s, I didn’t know the full story, and I have no way of knowing how much the story has been altered for the film. I did recognise the dedication any top athlete has to give, and this was portrayed very well in the film. Unfortunately the violence was also portrayed very well, which did result in a few sharp intakes of breath from me. The film was very enjoyable, inspiring and also sad at the same time.

So there are my film reviews and it’s now time to relax for the evening. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Ruth x