2013 Here I come

After a fabulous holiday half-way around the world again I arrived back at the end of the first few days of January to a very wet, grey Cumbria. I wasn’t feeling grey, instead I had some fantastic memories and some great experiences to reflect on. The country I visited was a bit easier than China this time, due to their being very little language barrier. Most people understood me, and I understood most people. I saw a little sunshine but most who know me will know I do not tan, and lying around on a beach would bore me to tears. Instead I saw the sights, sampled the local culinary delights and mixed and mingled in all sorts of places from hawker markets to high-rise nightclubs.

Very very enjoyable.

I’ve had a few mixed comments on my new hair colour, just before Christmas on a whim I dyed my hair for the first time in 7 years. I wanted a vibrant colour, the packet said “Amber” the result was a sort of dull reddish-brown. It washes out in 28 washes apparently, and I’m about 15 washes in now and it is getting lighter. I am looking forward to my trademark blonde locks returning very soon!

This year promises to be an exciting one for me as I embark on a few extra curricular activities which should take me in a slightly different direction. I am looking forward to the challenges this will bring, as well as combining it with my current occupation and activities. The new developments will inevitably have an affect on my availability. I will still have plenty of time available for bookings, but the actual ranges of timings and days I can offer appointments may become more limited. As it is I already offer a very wide range of availability, and bringing this in a little doesn’t mean I won’t be able to still see all the clients I do now, it just means the same flexibility I offer now many not be quite the same. As always advance booking will be the preferred option, with priority given to regular clients and those who can give the details I require in any contact.

Hope you all have had a great festive season, and here’s to 2013 X